Need to play back songs during rehearsal? Or crank up the volume at a party? This isn’t your dad’s boombox. AMPLIFi is the ultimate wireless music system for guitarists, featuring Bluetooth® streaming compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac or PC. The built-in full-range speakers deliver amazing sound, while the custom guitar speaker functions as a thumping subwoofer. The AMPLIFi speaker design delivers the exceptional audio playback that you’d expect from a high-end stereo system.

Bluetooth audio streaming is compatible with:
  • iPhone® 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad® (3rd and 4th generation), iPad 2, iPad mini and iPod® touch (5th generation)
  • Android devices
  • PC
  • Mac


Hear your music like never before.

When you stream music through AMPLIFi’s innovative 5-speaker design, you’ll enjoy amazing levels of clarity and sonic detail. Thanks to AMPLIFi’s amazing full range sound, you’ll hear crisp, defined bass, and catch even the subtlest high-end details. After streaming your favorite music with AMPLIFi, you’ll wonder how you ever listened to music though a normal stereo system.


Your favorite music. Loud and clear.

Whether you’re hanging out with friends or throwing a full on party, you want to hear your favorite music, loud and clear. Featuring either 150 or 75 watts of power, AMPLIFi delivers volume other Bluetooth speaker systems simply can’t match. You’ll have the volume you need to crank your favorite jams—and let the good times roll.


Plug in. Let it rip.

AMPLIFi is the most streamlined way to jam—there’s no need for other pieces of gear. When you want to jam with your favorite tracks, AMPLIFi plays the song through the full-range four-speaker system, while your tone plays through the custom guitar speaker. It perfectly blends your playing with the track, so you'll sound like you're sitting in on the studio session.

And that ripping solo you’ve been trying to figure out? The AMPLIFi Remote companion app lets you slow down tracks while you learn them, so you can master even the toughest riffs.

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