A Total Paradigm Shift in Live Sound Reinforcement

Comprised of a StageScape™ M20d smart mixing system and StageSource® loudspeakers, the Dream Stage combines several breakthrough technological advancements into one powerful system. The touchscreen interface provides deep, intuitive control over your mix and equipment—allowing you to sound your best while staying in the creative zone. L6 LINK™ networking makes setup faster and easier than ever before. With best-in-class processing and an intuitive design, the Dream Stage enables you to experience studio-quality live sound at every gig.


StageScape M20d smart mixing system

  • Touchscreen visual mixing environment
  • Remote control via one or more iPad® devices
  • Professional suite of dynamics, EQ, and FX on every channel
  • Multi-channel recording to SD card, USB drive or computer
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StageSource loudspeakers

  • 1,400-watt, 3-way, powered loudspeaker systems
  • 1,200-watt, bi-amped, bass-reflex subwoofer system
  • Smart Speaker modes optimize the sound for a variety of applications
Watch StageSource video series

“The audio is top notch! The mids and highs are very crisp, while the lows, especially with the Extended Bass and Ultra Bass Smart Speaker modes on the L3s subwoofer, give that whole-body thump that club-goers crave.” —DJ Bassline (Read story)

“[StageScape M20d and StageSource loudspeakers provide] a compact, easy to use system that delivers the goods. Way to go, Line 6!” —Evan Hooten, FOH Magazine, September 2012 (Read review)

"I was thoroughly impressed with the sound and functionality of the L3t… Whether you’re in the market for powered mains or monitors, the L3t brings a host of really smart solutions to address the challenges Churches face each week." —Doug Doppler, Christian Musician Magazine, July/August 2012 (Read review)

“Line 6 has made [StageScape M20d] a very user-friendly and intuitive piece of equipment for all levels of experience. The M20d overall is a very nice board and has a nice warm tone and a very accurate and pleasing response.” —Evan Hooten, FOH Magazine, September 2012 (Read review)

"The M20d also lets musicians, who may not be experienced sound mixers, get great results.” —Paul White, Sound On Sound, November 2012 (read review)

"The M20d may finally be the epiphany that will change one’s mixing lifestyle." —Strother Bullins, Pro Audio Review, November 2012 (read review)

"…delivers amazing high quality sound as though an old pro set it up, configured it, and is sitting at the controls." —John McJunkin, contributor to Church Production Magazine, January/February 2013 

 “Everything about the M20d was brilliantly designed and executed—especially for a House of Worship.” —Doug Doppler, Christian Musician, September/October 2012