Boutique sound and performance from a portable 25W/10W tube amp designed by Reinhold Bogner.


What makes DT25™ so special?

DT25 is the first highly portable amp to provide the combination of reconfigurable analog components, a fully analog tube output stage designed by celebrated boutique tube amp guru manufacturer, Reinhold Bogner, and Line 6 HD modeling technology wrapped in a straightforward and visually stunning package. The result is optimum tonal flexibility in a two-channel, four-voice design that has all of the touch sensitivity, tonal depth, and dynamics essential in a gigging amp.

Why is DT25 a hybrid amp?

For a good reason: because low-wattage amps, when compared with 50- or 100-watt amps, have limited headroom and always “feel” small. DT25 solves that problem that with its powerful HD modeling providing the preamp. You get the headroom and reaction of a high-wattage amp because the preamp’s power supply is not limited by what the power tubes need to use, and in return you get a much bigger sound in a small package. This versatility means you can get the tone and feel of a 100W amp, without lugging 100W transformers around.

Being a hybrid amp also opens up the way for expansion through L6 LINK™ -- more amps and effects can interact with the flexible analog power amp of DT25.

What configurations do DT25 amps come in?

DT25 112
(1) 12AX7 preamp tube, (2) EL84 power tubes
1x12" Celestion® G12H90 speaker

DT25 Head
(1) 12AX7 preamp tube, (2) EL84 power tubes

DT25 112 Cab
1x12" Celestion® G12H90 speaker

What are amplifier voicings?

Players have come to refer to the core sound of any amp as its “voicing,” the foundation of its tone. Voicings are usually described like the “classic American clean” (like a tone based on* a Fender® Twin Reverb®) or the “Class A Chime” (like a tone based on* a Vox® AC30). DT25 amplifiers can produce four historic and hugely popular amp voicings: classic American clean, British Crunch, and modern high-gain distortion with all the character, detail and nuance that made them famous.

Each DT25 voicing is the perfect blend of dynamic analog circuitry (which includes tube configuration and negative feedback loop topology) and HD amp modeling technology (which fuels the preamp and tone stack).

  • Voicing I: Classic American Clean. High amount of negative feedback for a tight sound that’s reminiscent of 60s-style American cleans.
  • Voicing II: British Crunch. Medium amount of negative feedback for a looser tone that echoes classic English breakup.
  • Voicing III: Class A Chime. Zero negative feedback for an open, dynamic feel.
  • Voicing IV: Modern High-gain. High amount of negative feedback (and added low-frequency resonance).

DT50/DT25 v2.0 firmware lets you create original amp tones by pairing your choice of 30 HD preamps with any combination of dynamic topologies (negative feedback loop, operating class, power tube mode and more) within Reinhold Bogner’s reconfigurable tube power amp.

Which DT25 analog tube components are switchable?

Which DT25 analog tube components are switchable?
Operating class (Class A/Class AB) and power tube mode (Pentode/Triode). 

  • Operating Class
    • Class A - Switched to Class A, DT25 runs at 10 watts and is cathode biased. The feel is open, lively and dynamic.
    • Class AB - Switched to Class AB, DT25 runs at 25 watts and is fixed biased. This is perfect for rich, complex distortions and more headroom for easier cleans and powerful high-gain tones.
  • Power Tube Mode
    • Pentode - Big, loud and clear for commanding tones.
    • Triode - Quieter, rounder and darker with a more vintage-style sound.

Each of these analog components is configured to match a specific voicing based on classic tube amp tones, and is a big part of what makes such amps what they are—but they can also be reconfigured by the player in a “mix’ n’ match” style to create new and different tones. For example, you can create a looser, juicier classic American clean by running it in Class A and triode mode.

What can DT25 connect to?

DT25 amps feature a full I/O for connection to everything you need on stage and in the studio – from external speakers to MIDI systems to POD HD multi-effect processors.

  • L6 LINK™. The most powerful connection of all is the unique L6 LINK connection, which lets you integrate your DT25 with any of several other L6 LINK equipped Line 6 products via a single XLR cable. For example, DT25 and POD HD multi-effects connect via L6 LINK to become something greater – a boutique amp factory capable of delivering every tone you need with stunning boutique feel and playability for all your performing and recording scenarios.
  • XLR DI output. This is no ordinary direct output. It provides interactions from the tubes, speaker and power transformer to deliver great direct tone for recording or performance. When DT25 is in standby and Low Volume Mode, this direct output provides a full amp sound by employing HD technology that models the output tubes. Complete with ground-lift switch.
  • 1/4-inch footswitch jack. Control channel selection and global reverb on/off with a two-button footswitch connected via TRS cable (1/4-inch “stereo” cable), or control channel selection with a single-button footswitch.
  • Serial effects loop. Perfect for linking in your favorite stompboxes or rack effects post preamp.
  • MIDI in and out/thru. Connect any standard MIDI switching system to control channel, voicing, reverb on/off, pentode/triode mode and class A/AB selection.

What's the difference between channel A and channel B?

There's no difference at all. They both have the same controls and tonal potential. Dial in each one with the gain and tone controls, the four-position Voicing selector and the reconfigurable analog components, and then select instantly between your two settings with the channel switch or a standard latching footswitch. You decide how each channel is voiced rather than being stuck with someone else's idea of "clean" and "dirty" channels. Make them wildly different, set one as a boost channel — the choice is yours.