DT25™ amplifiers and POD® HD multi-effect processors don't just connect, they seamlessly integrate via L6 LINK™ technology to become a single intelligent tone machine.

L6 LINK™: Full integration of amp and multi-effect.

DT25™ amps and POD® HD processors seamlessly integrate to become a boutique tube amp factory complete with a staggering collection of preamps, tone stacks and effects available at the twist of a knob or the stomp of a switch.

When linked via a single XLR cable plugged into the L6 LINK™ jacks on the DT25 and POD HD, the two units instantly combine to form an extraordinarily powerful rig that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Call up a POD HD preset and it instantly reconfigures the amp’s tube bias, output class and more to best suit the selected HD amp model. Keep it traditional or edit your DT25 settings and save the configuration for instant recall as part of the POD HD preset. DT25 is the perfect pairing for POD HD. The days of plugging a POD into the front of an amp are over.

Full and instant analog/digital reconfiguration.

Selection of any POD HD amp model or preset instantly and dynamically reconfigures the DT25 analog tube output stage to match the modern or vintage tone you want. From a Class A output with zero negative feedback based on* a Vox® AC30 to a Class A/B output with high negative feedback based on* a Fender® Twin Reverb®, your POD HD and DT25 work hand-in-hand to deliver one-touch analog/digital reconfiguration.

30 HD preamps, 100+ M-class effects.

With your DT25 connected via L6 LINK™ to a POD HD, the amplifier instantly has access to the multi-effect processor’s full complement of HD amp models and M-class effects. Set the POD HD to an HD preamp-only model to tap the fully analog tube output stage of the DT25 for unparalleled dynamics and touch sensitivity. In addition, the massive collections of M-class effects that come standard on all POD HD multi-effect processors are grafted seamlessly onto the DT25 for a mind-boggling array of tonal options. For example, the POD HD effects can be laid out with a virtual effects loop: compressor, distortion and modulation in front of the preamp model, and delay and reverb after the preamp model feeding into the DT25 power section.

Stereo and wet/dry setups.

Setting up a stereo or wet/dry rig is easier than ever with DT25 amps and a POD HD connected via L6 LINK. POD HD multi-effects can control up to four DT25 amps so you can daisy-chain them or split the output of the POD HD left-right to two DT25 amps.

"Global" domination with a single stomp.

Want to augment your L6 LINK connection with even more power? Add a James Tyler Variax modeling guitar to the mix. With one motion, you can set off a global chain reaction that changes the analog and digital configuration of your DT25, the full preset of your POD HD and the guitar model and alternate tuning in your guitar – in an instant.

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