The Tri-platform Story

Today’s technology brings unparalleled freedom in where and when you create – on a Mac®, a PC or an ultra-portable iOS device like the iPad® or iPhone®. But if you want to make music on some combination of all three, technology hardly feels like progress. It’s a hassle worrying about adapters, drivers and compatibility issues. And while some keyboards offer native compatibility with iOS devices, they lack the professional feel required by serious musicians. That’s why Line 6 created the world’s first tri-platform keyboards – Mobile Keys™ 25 and Mobile Keys 49 – which are uniquely designed to work natively with Mac, PC and iOS devices.

Line 6 has been making cutting-edge digital audio products since 1996—and was the first company to bring a professional MIDI interface to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with MIDI Mobilizer™. While these mobile devices have encouraged a whole new group of enthusiasts to start making music, the company’s priority was developing a keyboard that would also serve the needs of experienced musicians. So Line 6 gathered the engineers, developers and product designers behind the innovative mobile product line—as well as some of the industry’s best keyboard technology—and began developing a tri-platform keyboard for real players.

First and foremost, Mobile Keys 25 and Mobile Keys 49 feel great. They incorporate premium keybeds with full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys for a natural playing experience. They also feature selectable velocity curves, so you can customize the keybed sensitivity to your individual playing style. In addition, Mobile Keys controllers deliver many of the professional features found on larger keyboards and synths – full-size Pitch and Mod wheels, Sustain and Expression pedal jacks, and more – so you can deliver the most expressive performance.

To provide a truly mobile experience, Line 6 worked to develop a new technology platform that enables Mobile Keys controllers to run on significantly less power than similar products. So you can connect Mobile Keys directly to your computer or iOS device with a single cable and start playing – for up to nine hours on a single iPad charge – no adapter, power supply or batteries needed.

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