Start recording right out of the box with the included software bundle.

POD Farm™ 2, the premium tone plug-in, delivers legendary POD® tone to your DAW. It includes over 80 immortal and fully adjustable guitar amps, from vintage classics to must-have modern monsters, plus bass amps, preamps and more for studio-quality guitar, bass and vocal tracks every time.

POD Farm Software Dual Tone

Ableton® Live Lite Line 6 Studio Edition 16-track ReWire enabled recording software gives guitarists an intuitive interface and pro features for songwriting, recording and remixing. It includes an enhanced audio engine, 64-bit mix summing, new and improved devices, side-chaining, and much more.

RiffWorks™ T4 is simple multi-track recording software perfect for instant idea capture. Get studio-quality mix effects, fade automation and realistic drum tracks. Plus, it includes RiffCaster™ for publishing your recordings online, and RiffLink™ for collaborating online with other RiffWorks users!