--Studio standard Line 6 amp, cab, and effects models now available as plug-ins--

Calabasas, CA – October 10, 2006 – Line 6, Inc., the leader in digital modeling instruments and professional recording products, is now shipping GearBox™ Plug-in Silver and Gold bundles. For the computer-based musician who records guitar, bass and vocals, GearBox Plug-in bundles deliver legendary Line 6 studio-standard tone from POD® XT, and classic must-have vintage effects in a flexible software plug-in format. Both packages include Mac® AU and PC VST plug-in support and a USB guitar interface for Line 6 ToneDirect monitoring while recording.

“With GearBox Plug-in, users now have instant access to an incredible selection of vintage and modern gear models right in their software-based recording app,” said Mark McCrite, Product Line Manager, Line 6. The included USB guitar direct box completes the package by delivering an optimized guitar/bass instrument input. “With the included interface, GearBox gives you the option to use Line 6’s exclusive ToneDirect monitoring while recording so musicians can get an inspiring tone without the latency issues that can ruin a great performance.” GearBox Plug-in Silver and Gold bundles include an extensive collection of professionally programmed presets. Plus, presets created during the recording process can easily be moved into other Line 6 products like POD® XT Live for total portability to the stage. The Silver bundle provides a handpicked model selection, while the Gold bundle delivers a comprehensive array for the ultimate tone palette. Both packages include the TonePort™ DI USB guitar interface and are compatible with the most popular Mac® and Windows® recording programs. RTAS support is planned for summer 2007.

GearBox Plug-In Silver Bundle – MSRP $419.99
• 18 guitar amp and 24 cab models from PODxt
• 5 bass amp and cab models from Bass POD® xt
• 6 world-renowned vintage and modern mic preamps
• 30 studio and stompbox effects

GearBox Plug-In Gold Bundle - MSRP $699.99
• 78 guitar amp and 24 cab models from PODxt/Vetta™ II
• 28 bass amp and 22 bass cab models from Bass PODxt
• 6 world-renowned vintage and modern mic preamps
• 80 plus studio and stompbox effects

About Line 6, inc.
Incorporated in 1996, Line 6 is a music gear manufacturer dedicated to developing music products to inspire creativity both on the stage and in the studio. Headquartered in Calabasas, California, Line 6 currently has a presence in over 60 countries worldwide with offices in California and the United Kingdom. In just under seven years, Line 6 has grown from an original team of 10 to over 200 employees. As the pioneer of digital modeling guitar amplifiers, Line 6 has created award-winning products for guitarists, bass players, and engineers, working both on stage and in the studio. For more information visit