—Over 300 artist-created presets, total versatility and incredible value for guitarists of all styles—

CALABASAS, Calif.—August 14, 2009—Line 6, Inc. (, the industry leader in digital modeling technology for music-creation products, announced today the launch of Spider IV, the company’s latest line of modeling amplifiers for guitarists. The new amplifier line includes many fresh features, innovations and updates inspired by its best-selling, award-winning predecessor, Spider III.

“Spider IV amplifiers are feature-packed with new artist-created presets and amp models, gorgeous new effects, FBV™ foot controller compatibility, and so much more,” remarks Aaron Suplizio, product marketing manager, Line 6. “These amplifiers are perfect for guitarists who want artist-quality tones and effects, and complete versatility at a great value.”

The new Spider IV amplifier line is well-rounded with five flexible combos and a powerful head. The four flagship amplifiers, including the 75-, 120-, and 150-watt combos and the 150-watt head, feature over 500 presets, more than 300 of which were hand-crafted by world-renowned guitarists and almost 200 of which were inspired by the most famous guitar songs of all time. The immense preset collection lets guitarists of all styles find their sound within the jangly cleans, scorching distortions and swirly, effect-laden tones of their heroes.

The flagship Spider IV amplifiers also come complete with 16 of the latest and most advanced Line 6 amp models to date, as well as 20 brilliant on-board Smart FX and a built-in 14-second Looper. The amp models, which were inspired by celebrated modern and vintage American, British and European guitar amplifiers, give guitarists one-touch access to the next generation of Line 6 amp tone. The on-board effects provide players with a complete palette of colors and textures. New pitch effects, including Smart Harmony and Pitch Glide, plus beautiful Delays, Echoes, Mods, Reverbs, Auto-Wah and more can blend to create the perfect sonic landscapes. Up to four effects can be used simultaneously and all effects can be edited completely.

The 15-watt Spider IV combo features a distilled collection of four crucial amp models that all guitarists require in their collections, and six Smart FX (up to two effects simultaneously); the 30-watt Spider IV combo features a collection of 12 essential amp models and seven Smart FX (up to three effects simultaneously).

Each Spider IV amplifier can dramatically expand its sonic capabilities with the addition of a Line 6 foot controller, including FBV Shortboard™ MkII, FBV Express™ MkII and FBV2™. These powerful and durable foot controllers deliver everything from wah-wah, pitch-shift and volume control, to tap tempo, a chromatic tuner display and simple channel switching.

Providing all the conveniences that guitarists expect from Line 6 amplifiers, Spider IV amplifiers feature a built-in tuner, a CD/MP3 input, a three-band EQ and a headphone output that doubles as a high-quality direct-recording output.

Each Spider IV preset, amp model and effect exceeds the renowned Line 6 standard of sound quality. Every aspect of the tone, from the guitar input to the three-quarter closed-back cabinet and speakers, delivers exceptional definition, clarity and feel.

Spider IV amplifiers are now shipping worldwide.

Spider IV 15 - $239.99 MSRP
Spider IV 30 - $349.99 MSRP
Spider IV 75 - $489.99 MSRP
Spider IV 120 - $629.99 MSRP
Spider IV 150 - $769.99 MSRP
Spider IV HD150 - $629.99 MSRP

About Line 6, Inc.
Based in Calabasas, California, Line 6 is a leading manufacturer of guitars, amplifiers, effects, effects processors and recording interfaces. Line 6 is world renowned for its studio- and stage-standard gear featuring its patented amp and effect modeling and digital wireless technologies. Line 6 invented digital guitar amp modeling technology in 1996, and is currently the #1 maker of guitar amplifiers. Its award-winning products, including POD®, are used by musicians worldwide and have been used on countless platinum and Grammy-award-winning titles. Line 6 is distributed in over 60 countries with operations in the United States, China and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit