• Six-String Samurai DT50 Review "A hearty 4.5 F*ck Yeahs. I love this amp!" - Six String Samurai

  • Stagescape M20d review in Sound on Sound

    "I see the M20D as Line 6 making a statement of how capable and innovative they are at the professional end of the live sound market, and also as a development platform from which other products must inevitably emerge."

    Paul White, Sound On Sound

  • StageSource L3t & L3s Mobile Beat, September 2012 "…the StageSource system is really much like a multi-tool when it comes to its versatility and the scope of the events for which the system is useful. I also really liked the sound that was produced from the three-way L3t’s. They filled the space with crisp sound on all frequencies, and when I needed more, there was more available" -- Jake Feldman, Mobile Beat, September 2012 Issue

  • XD-V75 Church Production Magazine, June 2012 “It’s like buying 10 mics in one package, with excellent digital transmission …That’s versatility that’s worth a lot to me as an engineer. I’m also very happy with the solid construction of the hardware, and the consistent performance. I would strongly recommend consideration of it.”

  • StageSource L3t Review, Christian Musician Magazine, July/August 2012 “I was thoroughly impressed with the sound and functionality of the L3t…Whether you’re in the market for powered mains or monitors, the L3t brings a host of really smart solutions to address the challenges Churches faces each week.”

  • JTV - Guitarist May 2012 "I find the JTVs pretty much impossible to fault. The technology works exceptionally well and they play superbly."
    Mick Taylor - Guitarist, May 2012

  • The Line 6 Spider IV 75 - Vintage Guitar June 2012 "Digital Temptation" - Vintage Guitar Magazine reviews the Line 6 Spider IV 75

  • JTV-59 Guitar World Review “The instrument itself is awesome, boasting impeccable workmanship, comfortable playability and classic looks. The JTV-59 plays and sounds great…This is an ax that most guitarists will have no...

  • Performer Magazine review of DT25 "There are a lot of boutique amps out there; few do so much, and even fewer at this price point. The tones have their distinct flavors, but the player has the ability to mold them in their own way....

  • XD-V70, Church Production Magazine, Feb. 2012 “When you look at the system as a whole, it does indeed provide reliable, solid, good quality wireless at a reasonable price. The mic modeling is icing on the cake, and works as advertised. It’s...

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