• POD Studio UX2, Making Music, March/April 2009 "Studio in a Box: It's carousel-styleinterface allows users to simply drag-and-drop effects for easy recording."
    Adam Dolge, Making Music

  • X2 XDR95, Guitar World, March 2009 "Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch uses Line 6 X2 XDR95 Digital Wireless unit in his rig."
    Nick Bowcott, Guitar World

  • BackTrack Gadget Review "There has been countless times when I have been “noodling” on my guitar, yah know, playing but not really paying attention, and I write a stellar riff. And many times that moment has come and gone,...

  • POD Studio UX2 - Guitarist, February 2009 "Affordable, easy to use and sounds great--it's the complete package for recording guitar on the computer."
    Trevor Curwen, Guitarist, February 2009

  • BackTrack Sound on Sound Review, February 2009 "It’s affordable, cute and desirable, but what exactly is the Line 6 BackTrack? Essentially, the concept is based around a single-channel, Flash-memory audio recorder that’s tailored to the needs of...

  • DL4, MM4 & DM4, Guitar World, February 2009 "It's really hard to make a three-piece sound full, so using these Line 6 pedals makes a lot of difference. Matt Steinke who I call my 'guitar producer,' has set up all of my guitar stuff, including...

  • BackTrack, EQ, February 2009 "Bottom line: Way cool, and 100% thumbs up."
    Craig Anderton, EQ

  • BackTrack, Sound on Sound, February 2009 "The BackTrack is a novel and affordable gadget that's genuinely useful for recording high-quality parts from your guitar without you having to think about it. The BackTrack + Mic also doubles as an...

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler, Guitar Player, February 2009 "Throughout ten club gigs, I always found the M13 to be a portable genius box that added to my tonal palette without damning me to programming pressures, sweating over multiple cables and connections,...

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler, Premier Guitar, February 2009 "4.5 Star Rating: If you are looking for a way to meld stompbox convenience and multi-effects control, check the Stompbox Modeler out post-haste."
    Michael Ross, Premier Guitar

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