• BackTrack - Performing Musician, 02/09 "Affordable, simple to use and with great results, the Line 6 BackTrack + Mic is one of those essential rehearsal accessories that should have pride of place alongside your metronome." Bob Thomas,...

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler - Premier Guitar, February 2009 "Line 6 has shown a knack for “getting it right.” From the original Amp Farm and POD to their popular amp line and the DL4 delay modeler, the company has had a strong sense of what actual players...

  • POD Farm - Sound on Sound, January 2009 "Using pod farm is simplicity itself." - - - The sounds are "musically satisfying and responsive, conveying a sense of depth." "this very affordable package is capable of producing excellent guitar...

  • BackTrack Audiomidi Review, January 2009 "The wacky gadget fiends at Line 6 are at it again with a neat little piece called the Backtrack. This little rascal is a godsend for those who write the perfect riff only to forget it the next day....

  • LowDown LD15 Review, Bass Guitar Magazine, January 2009 “An amazing unit for the price.”
    Mike Brooks, Bass Guitar Magazine, January 2009

  • BackTrack - Guitarists, January 2009 "BackTrack is without a doubt a brilliant idea. Line 6 calls it 'inspiration insurance' and its not wrong."
    Trevor Curwen, Guitarist, January 2009

  • Micro Spider, Guitar World Buyer's Guide, 2009 "Offering attitude and flexibility comparable to amps more than twice its size…"
    Guitar World Buyer's Guide

  • Pocket POD, Guitar World Holiday Review Guide, 2009 "For practicing, jamming or just having fun, the Pocket POD is a total no-brainer."
    Guitar World Holiday Review Guide

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler - Guitar Player, January 2009 "Anyone familiar with the Line 6 Modeler series will know the score on the M13's sonic muscle. Every effect sounds good, and the limited, stompbox-style parameters still offer enough options for...

  • Spider Valve 212, Guitar World Holiday Review Guide "Finally, a modeling amp that a true tube traditionalist can love."
    Guitar World Holiday Review Guide

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