• Spider Valve, Vintage Guitar, January 2009 "…if you want a blend of digital magic and tube oomph in one box, the Spider Valve will impress. It's a formidable combination."
    Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar

  • Spider Valve, Guitar Player "For a guitarist who wants all of the flexibility of modeling, but has played enough tube amps to know what a hardy tube power section does to a guitar sound, the Spider Valve is the only game in...

  • Line 6 BackTrack + Mic - MusicRadar, December 2008 "Never miss a moment of musical inspiration again – this will record the lot!"
    Trevor Curwen, MusicRadar, December 2008 - See full article

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler - Music Radar, 2008 Line 6's most ambitious stompbox modeller yet. We said: "For gigging players struggling with an ever more complicated collection of single-sound pedals, it's a must-try. The M13 is really quite...

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler - Total Guitar, December 2008 "Sounds bloody brilliant!"
    "Line 6 has done it again!"
    Stephen Lawson, Total Guitar, December 2008

  • Bass POD, Bass Player, Holiday 2008 "The Line 6 Bass POD is a one-of-a-kind-product. If you're a tone freak or vintage amp fan who does lots of recording, the POD makes it easy to get great sounds without lugging loads of...

  • Bass POD, Bass Player, December 2008 "I [Cannibal Corpse's Alex Webster] used the POD's classic rock setting with a few minor tweaks."
    Bryan Beller, Guitar Player

  • X2 XDS-Plus, Music Connection, December 2008 "The X2 XDS-Plus is a modern all-digital wireless system that does not use signal companding, which would increase range performance by sacrificing sound quality…About as simple, clean and reliable as...

  • DL4, Guitar Player, Holiday 2008 "[Maroon 5's] Valentine's effects include a Line 6 DL4...Levine's setup also utilizes...DL4."
    Guitar Player

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler, Guitar World, Holiday 2008 "The Line 6 M13 eliminates the hassles of using a pedal board loaded with classic stomp boxes while providing the same great sounds and adding versatile new functions such as looping."
    Chris Gill,...

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