• DT25, Guitar Player Magazine, March 2012 "Digital flexibility meets tube warmth and dynamic feel...great look." Read the full review
    Art Thompson Guitar Player Magazine

  • POD Farm 2.5, Share My Guitar, February 2012 If software modeling never did it for you before, or if you have yet to give it a try, put on your riding boots and saddle up for Line 6’s POD Farm 2.5. The interface is intuitive and attractive, the sounds are damn good and there are a helluva lot of ‘em* to satisfy any style and inspire others, and the response is tight.

  • POD HD, Sonic Scoop, January 2012 "This unit really does sound amazing for the price, and is more than worthy of use in the pro recording environment."

  • POD Farm 2.5, Digital Recording Arts, January 2012 "POD Farm 2.5 Platinum is a huge asset to anyone who owns it. From home recording studios without the budget or space for a ton of equipment, to huge studios that need a quick way to test out different sounds on a DI recording."

  • POD HD, Guitar Player, January 2012 "…it sounds great whether you're listening through headphones, studio monitors, or running it through your favorite amp."

  • POD HD Pro, Digital Recording Arts, December 2011 "Regardless of the size of your recording setup, the Line 6 POD HD Pro adds unlimited tonal options to your palette."

  • POD HD500, Loop Insight, December 2011 "I’ve been playing for years and my old stompbox was a piece of plywood with the pedals fastened to it. I loved that thing. You could set a bomb off and it would come through unscathed. That’s what the HD500 is like for me."

  • M5, Premier Guitar, Nov. 2011 "For the gigging player, I can’t think of a better pedal for ease of use and effective processing."

  • DT50, Music Players, Nov. 2011 "Let’s just start out by saying the Line 6 DT50 head is loaded with features and options for shaping your tone, but the interface for changing these settings is completely straightforward. "

  • POD HD500, Harmony Central, Nov 2011 "Overall, Line 6 has stepped up to the plate with a next-gen modeler that retains what people liked about previous devices, adds more features, increases the level of detail, and maintains sanity in the pricing. In other words...they’ve done it again."

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