• XDV-70, eMusician.com, Jun/July 2011 The XD-V70 works reliably, sounds great, has excellent build quality, and made it so I no longer look at wireless mics with doubt and suspicion.

  • XD-V70, Pro Audio Review, July 2011 "The first thing that impressed me about the XD-V70 was the clarity of signal. I used this system in over 20 different venues on all mic-modeling settings, and not once did I encounter any audio interference"

  • JTV 69 -US Guitar Player (Editor's Pick Award) July 2011 "The JTV-69US is a scrapbook of all the quintessential classic guitar sounds"

  • POD HD300, iHeartGuitarBlog, Jun 2011 "The HD300 demonstrates a noticeable jump in quality from previous POD incarnations, especially in terms of real-world response,"

  • Wireless Mics, FOH, May 2011 "The handling noise of the handheld transmitter is so much better than what I've used so far,"

  • POD HD300, Gear Vault, May 2011 "It’s a bull. Drop it, stomp on it, kick it, it just doesn’t care. And with it’s all metal construction, it shouldn’t. "

  • DT50/POD HD500, Guitar Player, May 2011 ..."the DT50 is built like a tank…"

  • POD HD, Guitar Muse, May 2011 "The Line 6 POD HD bean, I found, to be a remarkable slab of modern technology. "

  • DT50 HD, Tape Op, May 2011 "No single amp is the right amp for every situation, but the DT50 certainly covers more situations than any other amp - not just adequately, but for real."

  • DT50, Guitar Buyer, March 2011 "The DT50 is a highly successful synthesis of digital and valve technology"

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