• SV MkII, MusicPlayers.com, October 2010 "What? A modeling amp review at MusicPlayers.com? Have we gone soft? Sold out to advertisers? Lost our minds and our ears? Forgot what boutique means? Fear not, intrepid readers. We aren’t about to give up our tube amps any time soon. And fortunately, thanks to the Line 6 Spider Valve MkII, we don’t have to! We can finally embrace modeling technology and keep our tubes!"

  • XD-V70, Church Tech Arts, October 2010 "This mic system has a lot going for it. It’s aggressively priced, and arguably better sounding than any of it’s competitors in the price range. In fact, it sounds almost every bit as good as a system priced at 4 times the XD-V70"

  • XD-V70, ProSoundWeb.com, October 2010 "Overall, I think these mics are a winner."

  • XD-V70, Harmony Central, October 2010 "I gave it a try, and was very, very surprised. First of all, it worked. Second, it sounded really good. Third, there was a lot more to the system than met the eye."

  • Relay, L2PNet.com, Sept. 2010 "I love the sound and simplicity….two thumbs way, way up"

  • POD Farm 2, Musicplayers.com, Sept. 2010 "POD Farm 2 sounds fantastic, and it’s easily one of the best sounding amp simulators on the market, if not the best."

  • POD Farm 2, Electronic Musician Online, August 2010 "As you would expect with Line 6’s modeling software, there are excellent examples of every important name-brand in every category—amps, cabinets, mics, preamps, and effects."

  • M13, Gearwire.com, August 2010 "Line 6 has come up with a simple and user-friendly way to pack an entire road case of classic effects into a durable package at an affordable price."

  • SV MkII, Guitar World, August 2010 "Line 6’s Spider Valve MkII HD100 represents a perfect marriage of digital and analog technologies. The digital preamp is intuitive to operate and loaded with 16 amp models, numerous effects and 128 user presets, while Bogner’s all-tube power amp and tube-driven preamp alchemically morph these digitally born models into organic tones. Add to that the extensive remote control offered by the optional FBV Shortboard MkII foot controller, and you’ve got one amazing and compact guitar rig. "

  • M9, Musicplayers.com, July 2010 "The M9 is a clever and compact multi-effect pedal that"

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