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Announcement: AMPLIFi update: 100 presets, better Bluetooth connection

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Firmware v1.01 contains important fixes for Bluetooth data connectivity and provides 96 more presets for FBV Shortboard owners. A list of the presets can be found at this Knowledge Base article:
AMPLIFi 75 & 150 - Preset List

To get the best performance out of your AMPLIFi, please ensure that you have updated your amp to this version via the AMPLIFi Remote app v1.2. These Knowledge Base items will show you how:

AMPLIFi - How To Update Firmware (Video)
How To Update Firmware on AMPLIFi 75 & 150

Feel free to contact us at line6.com/support if you need assistance with the procedures above.

AMPLIFi 75/150 Firmware v1.01.0 Release Notes:
· New functionality for FBV Shortboard

o Turn individual effects on and off within a single preset

o Access 25 banks of 4 presets (100 onboard presets)

o Switch between 4 presets in a single bank

· Bi-directional communication app<>amp (i.e. turn an amp knob and sliders move in the app, etc)
· Resolved an issue with zipper noise when using the wah
· Improvements made to Bluetooth connection

AMPLIFi Remote iOS app v1.2 Release Notes:
· Ability to organize 100 presets in the app