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Amplifi & Ableton

AMPLIFi Yesterday, 09:33 PM
While my Amplifi is detected by Ableton Live, recording has noise issues (something like clipping). Has anyone faced such an issue? Addiotionally, is it possible in Ableton to use ASIO Amplifi as Input only and use monitors connected to sound card as Output? My monitors are connected on an M-Audi...
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Anyone besides me like to see an EP Booster model?

Helix Yesterday, 08:54 PM
So I love the EP Booster as my go to boost. The problem is you need another power supply for it and I don't want to put the helix on a board. I have the helix gig bag and I've sidelined a very good and loaded pedalboard for just the Helix as my main board into PRS/category 5 tube amps. I think...
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Pops and clicks when using Helix as USB output on OSX Lion

Helix Yesterday, 08:23 PM
I've got a 1,1 Mac Pro running OSX Lion, and I use Logic Express.  I've installed the Mac beta driver, and can select Helix as input and output.  But when I'm monitoring recording or listening to playback I hear clicks and pops.  If I record something using Helix USB as the input,...
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Möbius in stereo + Helix = gloriousness

Helix Yesterday, 05:30 PM
Hooked up my Möbius in stereo for the first time. Wow. Whowatt with a little Minotaur and some stereo verb and delay, add the "widening" chorus from Möbius and omg. http://i451.photobuc...zpstsvxza27.jpg
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I thought the helix looper blew my studio monitors.

Helix Yesterday, 05:04 PM
I was doing some acoustic looping just now, and had 5 layers recorded.  I stopped the loop to listen to youtube through my studio monitors (Helix USB was routed to my computer as usual).  Upon playback, youtube audio sounded like my 5 inch cones were both blown.  I immediately frea...
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