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My Pod XT Has Two Serial Numbers

POD 2.0, POD XT, Pocket POD, FloorPODs Today, 02:54 AM
I just bought a Pod XT from a second hand music store, but it seems to be in really good condition, and may be unused. I went through the registration process and it did not work on the first try but eventually I was able to do it. The issue was an incorrect serial number. The sticker on the bott...
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Alternate tuning malfunction JTV69

James Tyler Variax Guitars / Workbench HD Yesterday, 08:31 PM
I own a variax JTV69 and have had no problems with it until a few weeks ago when the alternate tunings started playing up. When i am in Variax mode the alternate tunings switch rapidly between each other causing the sound to be so terrible that i need to stop playing altogether and turn off Vari...
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KB37, Logic Pro X 10.3 & Mac Sierra 10.12.5

Share your Settings Yesterday, 07:57 PM
Hello, I'm sharing this information because after upgrading to mac sierra and logic x 10.3 I struggled to get my kb37’s midi notes to work. Thanks to the line 6 help support and running a series of tests i hope this information can be of assistance to anyone facing this problem.    Step...
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Upgrade failing

Helix Yesterday, 07:02 PM
I picked up a replacement Helix on Monday since the other one kept crashing., dumping patches, basically screwing up... (These things love me) I have tried several times with this one to update the firmware, but it fails each time.  The package opens (mac) download into my macbook completes,...
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Problemas spider Iv 120 cuadros negros en el display

Spider IV / Spider Online Yesterday, 03:46 PM
Cuando enciedo mi amp. En el diplay comieza a volverse loco no para de cambiar los preset rapidamente durante el momento que esta asi puedo tocar y se escucha solo que no me deja de cambiar de banco solo me deja usar los 4 que tengo despues de 40 minutos de estar ensendido el amp. El display se n...
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