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Loud "pop" Trough The Pa

StageScape Mixer / StageSource Speakers Today, 01:15 AM
Hi   This is not a big deal, just trying to understand something that happened with my M20d   Last weekend when playing on a bar I took the M20d and plugged it in the house PA.  They had an HK Powerworks with one sub,  4 tops installed on the house (the 4 tops hanging on the c...
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Accessing Difficulty On Xt Pro: Help Please

POD 2.0, PODxt Family, Pocket POD, FloorPODs Yesterday, 09:40 PM
Hi   Probably a real dumbo question here, but ...   I have a rackmount POD XT PRO. I've successfully installed the bass amp model pack (it says so on the display screen when powering up.)    But how do you actually access these bass amps?   thanks  
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Get Tone Missing

POD 2.0, PODxt Family, Pocket POD, FloorPODs Yesterday, 08:59 PM
Hi have a POD XT live which havnt used for a while. Also have a new computer. Have downloaded LINE 6 Edit, Line 6 Monkey and current drivers. However when i go to the Custm Tone web site to download a tone i can locate a tone i want but there is no Get Tone button to allow me to download a file t...
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Sonic Port And Gragaeband On A Mac Computer

Sonic Port / Mobile In Yesterday, 07:11 PM
Sorry if this is a simple (stupid) question ...   I previously used a Line 6 POD xt Live (awesome pedal btw!). I used the stage feature in GarageBand on my Mac to create a "band" for me to play along with. I connected my Mac to the pedal using a USB cable and set the Audio Output on the Mac...
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Plugging Pod Hd Desktop Left Output Into Guitar Input On...

POD HD Yesterday, 07:11 PM
Dunno if i  sound dumb lol but can u plug the output of pod desktop into guitar input of amp. Would there be any impedance issues and do i have to change output mode of desktop? Cheers
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