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Inputs not working.

Helix Yesterday, 11:47 PM
I was playing and suddenly all noise stopped. After some process of elimination I know it's the helix input. I plug in my guitar and the tuner doesn't even register. Anyone else have this issue? I already opened a support ticket. It's always worrisome when a 1400 dollar piece of equipment stops w...
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Finally upgrading to 2.21... LoL!

Helix Yesterday, 06:41 PM
Boy...  was I slow, or WHAT?  aCk!!!        
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Helix LT and 5 string bass

Helix Yesterday, 04:43 PM
Hey! I'm considering getting a Helix LT and have a couple of questions... I am a bass player and play exclusively 5 string. I am an old schooler and play mostly Blues R&B and classic rock. I'm interested in the Helix for its reputed simplicity of use. Is it as simple in a live gig situation...
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Full Metal Preset Pack

Helix Yesterday, 04:22 PM
I've finally finished my Full Metal Preset Pack for all your Helix Metalheads.   13 Presets with stock dual cabs, snapshots, and EQs to cut fizz and flub. You get Crunchy, Tight, Scooped, and Lead sounds for your tapping and chugging pleasure. 100% Free!!   http://bit.ly/FullMetalPack...
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Free Ambient Preset Sample Pack

Helix Yesterday, 04:10 PM
Hey there Helix comrades!    Ive created another sample preset pack for you all, this time focusing on Ambient sounds. These are 4 simple matched amp and dual cab presets with no snaps, utilizing parallel paths and effects to twist the sands of time.   Download and enjoy!   Al...
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