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Connecting the Helix to the MesaBoogie Mark V

Helix Today, 02:25 AM
Hello everyone,    I just had my brand new Helix pedalboard and I'd like to plug it in my Mesa Boogie Mark V. What's the best method: connecting only through the poweramps/ using the Boogie preamp too?   In fact, i'm looking to stop using my mesa footswitch. indeed, i found the hel...
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What's Your Shortlist of Most Used Helix Amp Models

Helix Yesterday, 05:10 PM
Just curious which amp models you end up using the most because you find them the most useful or exactly what you're shooting for etc.   Here are my favorites that I end up using most often:   Essex A-30 US Double Norm Brit 2204 PRS Archon Matchstick     Which are yours?
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Tips for workflow (Logic)

Helix Native Yesterday, 01:55 PM
I’ve just got Native and I’m getting rid of the Kemper as I’m using the Helix more and more. I’m sure that having loads of tracks with Native open will use excessive amounts of processing power. I have a fairly recent MacBook Pro (2015) and I’ve had 40+ track projects open without a problem when...
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HD500x Volume boost mystery...

POD HD Yesterday, 01:15 PM
Greetings, I downloaded a bunch of decent tones from the Tone Library that other users uploaded.  My thoughts were to tweak those already made settings slightly to my preference and be done.  The "EVH 5150 III" tones are actually pretty good.  I have a Delay, Chorus, and...
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USB Connection - Line 6 Helix doesn't work

Line 6 Lounge Yesterday, 12:14 PM
I downloaded the driver for USB connection in Windows 7. Nothing happen. The Helix is offline. Any drivers work. I can't upgrade the firmware. What can I do?
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