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Post Flash Update Instructions for AMPLIFi 150/75

amplifi 75 amplifi 150

Perform these steps after updating the firmware of AMPLIFi 150/75 to version 1.01.0
Perform a Factory Reset after FW Update

Note: Performing a ‘Factory Reset’ replaces all device presets, including customized presets, with the factory presets. You can backup your device presets by saving them to My Tones prior to performing the Factory Reset procedure.
  • Turn off AMPLIFi 150/75
  • While pressing and holding both the large Master Volume knob and the Tone Select button, switch the power back on
  • Re-pair the Bluetooth connection between the amp and your iOS device
  • Exit the AMPLIFi Remote app (double-press the Home button then drag the app up from the multitasking display)
  • Re-launch the AMPLIFi Remote app; hardware should connect automatically
The process has completed when the A preset is lit.
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