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Firehawk 1500

Pinned  Firehawk 1500 FAQ

Feb 01 2016 10:15 AM | line6will in Firehawk 1500

Full List and Descriptions of FIREHAWK 1500 Amps, Cabs, and Effects  FIREHAWK 1500 Specs · 29 HD Amp Models· 25 HD Effects Models· 78 POD Farm Amp Models· 95 POD Farm Effects Models· 8 simultaneous effects· 128 Onboard Presets· 5 FX on/off...

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Firehawk Volume Controls and Speaker Modes

Feb 01 2016 01:28 PM | line6will in Firehawk 1500

Volume Controls The overall volume is the Master Volume control. This is controlled by the “big knob” when the LEDs are red (the default state). All of the other volumes happen before this one and it’s ultimately how you control the output level while...

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List of Presets

Jan 09 2017 02:53 PM | Line6Tony in Firehawk 1500

This is the factory set of presets in the Firehawk FX/1500.  Firehawk FX Factory Presets - English.pdf 633.61KB 288 downloads

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AMPLIFi family and Firehawk Bluetooth Connectiv...

Apr 15 2016 02:20 PM | line6will in Firehawk 1500

Version française. Deutsche Version.  english Please be aware that with the current AMPLIFi and Firehawk remote apps, connection problems can occur if the Bluetooth device is paired after the app has been opened. In this scenario, we suggest that...

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Updating the Firehawk 1500 via USB on a Windows...

Feb 01 2016 11:14 AM | line6will in Firehawk 1500

Here is how to update the Firehawk 1500 step by step:  Note: The versions of the drivers and software may have older versions. Make sure to always select the latest versions.  For Windows 7, 8, or 10 systems, please start with step 1. For...

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Firehawk FX and Firehawk 1500 connections

Feb 05 2016 01:45 PM | line6will in Firehawk 1500

There's lots input and output options with the Firehawk line. Here's a breakdown.  First let's look at what's the same on both units.  USB port for updating firmware and use as an I/O interface.Variax input for any Line 6 Variax guitars1/4...

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Firehawk Effects Blocks Basics

Feb 01 2016 01:59 PM | line6will in Firehawk 1500

Firehawk Effects Blocks Basics   In the Firehawk Remote editor, there are 12 effects blocks that you can turn on and off, and assign different models and parameters to. Some of them can be dragged to different locations, some can't. Of these...

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