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Micro Spider FAQ

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Q: Where are the tone settings for the Micro Spider?
A: The Micro Spider tone settings are listed as a PDF attachment at the bottom of the document.

Q: What are the presets on my Micro Spider amplifier?
A: There are five presets on the Micro Spider: Clean, Crunch, Metal, Insane, and Acoustic. The song settings list numerous songs attached to this document can be used to dial sounds in as well. If you would like to return your unit to the original presets, please perform a factory reset.

Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my Micro Spider?

A: The factory reset for a Micro Spider is to hold down the clean button as you turn on the power and hold the button for 5-8 seconds.

Q: Are there any videos I can view to learn about the Micro Spider?
Micro Spider Movies

Q: Can the Micro Spider microphone input and/or the CD/MP3 input be used at the same time with the same guitar input? Will I hear all of these devices through the headphones?
A: Yes

Q: I noticed that the mid-range knob reacts differently on my Micro Spider's Insane Setting than other Spider amplifiers I have played on?
A: The Micro Spider's midrange control is optimized for the volume/tone features for that particular patch, so the control response may seem a little different than other Spider amplifiers.

Q: Is there a “vocal eliminator” so I can jam with my CD/MP3 input without the vocals getting in the way of my incredible shredding?
A: No, but that usually doesn't stop people from shredding.


Q: What can I connect to the Micro Spider?
A: Guitars, Microphones, Basses, Acoustic Guitars, via the 1/4” instrument input. MP3/CD players via the 3.5 mm jack, headphones via the stereo ¼” output.

Q: Is there a direct out on the Micro Spider?
A: The headphones jack is a stereo ¼” output which can also be used as a recording output.

Q: Can I use an FBV controller with the Micro Spider?
A: There is no FBV control capability on the Micro Spider.

Q: Can I connect an external pre-amp (i.e. Line 6 POD) to the Micro Spider? Can I connect the Micro Spider into a PA system of home stereo?
A: You can connect an external preamp into the CD input or the Mic input of the Micro Spider, and connect the headphone outputs of the Micro Spider into a PA or stereo system.

Q: Does the Micro Spider have an effects loop?
A: There is no effect loop on the Micro Spider amplifier.


Q: How do I power my Line 6 Micro Spider?
A: You can use the Line 6 PX 2 (included), or you can use six (6) C-cell batteries (not included).

Q: How can I get a cover for the Micro Spider?
A: The Micro Spider does not have a cover available from Line 6 at this time.


Q: What is the warranty on the Micro Spider?
A: the warranty on the Micro Spider is twelve months from the date of purchase.

Q: How can I register my Micro Spider?



Q: My Micro Spider seems to be malfunctioning. What can I do as an end user?
Line 6 Amp Troubleshooting

Q: Where can I get replacement knobs/speakers/logos for my Micro Spider amp?
A: Line 6 Store

Q: Where can I download a Micro Spider manual?
Micro Spider Manual