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Spider Jam F.A.Q. and Preset Information

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Q: What are the presets on my Spider Jam amplifier?
A: The user presets and artist/song presets for the Spider Jam are listed as attachments at the bottom of this document. Please be aware that the user presets are identical to the Spider III, and the Song/Artist presets are very similar to the Spider III. The Spider Jam user presets are the 36 user-programmable presets (banks 1-9, A-D). The Artist/Song presets location cannot be saved, but you can modify and/or store these settings in the 36 user-programmable presets. If you would like to return your unit to the original presets, please perform a factory reset.

Q: How many song and/or drum loops are included on the Spider Jam?
A: There are 71 song jam loops (arranged by tempo), and 81 drum loops (also arranged in tempo) totaling 152 pre-recorded song jams.

Q: I noticed that some of the Artist/Song Presets from the Spider III are not present on the Spider Jam?
A: Yes, some of the Artist/Song Presets from the original Spider III release were not included in the Spider Jam release, due to space restrictions (please compare the two lists for clarification).

Q: Are there any video tutorials I can view to learn how to use the Spider Jam?
Spider Jam Tutorials

Q: Are the song guitar presets (i.e. 70s sounds) accompanied by backing tracks of those songs as well?
A: No, all of the backing tracks on the Spider Jam are original compositions written and performed specifically for the Spider Jam playback. If you want to play along with the actual songsyou have a couple options. You can connect your CD or MP3 player into the jack to play along with tone song, or you can convert the song to a 44.1/16 bit mono wav file and install the song on your unit using the SD Card.

Q: How can I change the tempo of the pre-recorded patterns, and will it change the pitch?
A:In the original version of the Spider Jam (Version 1.04), the tempo of the pre-recorded patterns could be changed by using the Tempo / Pitch control wheel, which also changed the pitch of the patterns in ½ step increments. Go to the second page of song/drums to access this control. The pitch adjustment can be made while recording and the playback will reflect the pitch changes. Spider Jam Version 2.0x allows the change of tempo without changing pitch. See pages 43 and 44 of the Spider Jam Manual (rev. C or later) for more details.

Q: Does the Spider Jam have a drum machine or are the patterns preprogrammed?
A: All of the songs and drum patterns in the Spider Jam are actual performances and not re-programmable.

Q: Are the songs and drum tracks mixed to the center or are they spread into a stereo image?
A: All of the audio of the pre-recorded tracks are centered, creating a dual-mono image that will appear in both the left and right outputs either on the headphone outputs or the RCA outputs. The center imaging allowed twice as many to tracks to be included on the Spider Jam songs.

Q: Can I change the pitch/speed of the CD/MP3 input jack as well?
A: No, the CD/MP3 input pitch cannot be altered by the Spider Jam.

Q: How can I transfer my recorded loops from my Spider Jam to my computer? Can I use an SD-card to store/transfer my songs from the Spider Jam to my CPU?
A: There are stereo RCA outputs on the back of the unit to export your Pod/CD quality audio into your favorite recording device. The Spider Jam version 2.x and later can transfer 44.1K/16 bit mono wav files to and from your computer. The SD-card slot can be used to upgrade the Spider Jam version 1 to version 2. Please see the update link below to update an earlier Spider Jam unit.

Q: How long can I record on the Spider Jam and what is the recording format?
A: You can record for up to 24 minutes in the .wav format (this is the only format used on the Spider Jam)

Q: Can the Spider Jam recorder work as a loop sample to be used on the fly like a Line 6 DL-4?
A: Yes, with the exception of the reverse mode looper.

Q: Can the Spider Jam aux input and the guitar input be used at the same time with the same guitar tone?
A: Yes, by holding the record/send button for two seconds and selecting the Aux Input assignment - turn the select knob to “mixed with guitar”.

Q: Can I use a different amp sound when I use two guitar inputs (i.e. the main instrument and aux inputs) on the Spider Jam?
A: No, but if you leave the aux input on a clean tone you could use the mic channel to get a different sound.

Q: How can I record processed AND unprocessed guitar straight from the Spider Jam into a recording program?
A: You can record processed guitar into the main instrument input and unprocessed into the auxiliary input, but not at the same time.

Q: Is there a “vocal eliminator” so I can jam with my CD/MP3 input without the vocals getting in the way of my incredible shredding?
A: No, but that usually doesn't stop people from shredding.


Q: What can I connect to the Spider Jam?
A: Guitars, Microphones, Basses, Acoustic Guitars, CD players, headphones, home stereos, P.A.s.

Q: Is there a direct out on the Spider Jam?
A: There are stereo RCA outputs on the back of the unit with CD quality (44.1K, 16 bit) audio output.

Q: Is the CD/MP3 input stereo or mono?
A: The CD input is stereo, which you can use a standard 3.5mm TRS cable with. This will allow you to hear your CD/MP3 input in "true stereo" when using your Spider Jam with headphones.

Q: How is the signal routed when in performance mode on the Spider Jam?
A: The guitar is routed to the 12” speaker, and there is no guitar signal routed to the RCA jacks (but the song output is).

Q: Which Line 6 floor controller(s) can I use with the Spider Jam?
A: We recommend the Line 6 FBV series Shortboard or the FBV Express, although the FBV works as well (be aware that the amp 1&2, stomp 2/3 buttons, tremolo, and favorite channel buttons will have no effect). The FBV2 pedal will only move the presets up and down and will not control any of the recording functions.

Q: When I connect my FBV Shortboard Mk II, the function 2 button has no effect?
A: The Function 2 button has no effect on the current version (2.09) Spider Jam firmware.

Q: Can I connect an external pre-amp (i.e. Line 6 POD) to the Spider Jam? Can I connect the Spider Jam into a PA system of home stereo?
A: You can connect an external preamp into the CD input or the Aux input of the Spider jam, and connect the RCA outputs of the Spider Jam into a PA or stereo system by using the RCA outputs.

Q: Does the Spider Jam have an effects loop?
A: There is no effect loop on the Spider Jam amplifier.


Q: Is the SD memory card slot user accessible on my Spider Jam?
A: The SD memory card slot can be used to update the Spider Jam firmware and transfer wav files between the amplifier and a computer (see below for the update information).

Q: Does the Spider Jam come with the SD memory card? What is the maximum/minimum size to the SD card to be used with the Spider Jam?
A: The Spider Jam does not include an SD memory card, and the maximum size to the SD card to be used with the Spider Jam is 2 Gigs of RAM.

Q: How can I get a cover for the Spider Jam?
A: The Spider Jam has the same dimensions as the Spider II 112 and the Spider III 75 combo amp, and can be purchased at the Line 6 store link below:
Line 6 Store

Q: What is the warranty on the Spider Jam?
A: *the warranty on the Spider Jam is twelve months from the date of purchase.

Q: How can I register my Spider Jam?



Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my Spider Jam?
A: The factory reset for a Spider Jam is to hold down the settings/tone button as you turn on the power and hold the button for 5-8 seconds.

Q: I am noticing a lot of noise on my recorded guitar and/or aux input tracks (either on preformance or playback)?
A: If the mic/aux input compression and/or EQ controls are set to high levels (above 6 db), this may affect the guitar palyback levels as well. Please return to the compression or EQ settings to "normal" levels or perform a factory reset to avoid the noise.

Q: I am noticing clipping and or popping sounds on my backing tracks?
A: Some backing tracks are louder than others and may clip. If you notice clipping occuring you can lower the song/drums playback level until the clipping is no longer heard.

Q: How do I update my SpiderJam to the latest firmware?
Spider Jam/JM4 2.09 Update Instructions

Q: Where can I get replacement knobs/speakers/logos for my Spider amplifier?
Line 6 Store