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Spider Valve Edit FAQs

spider valve edit mkii 112 212 hd fx

Q: What is Spider Valve Edit?
A: Spider Valve Edit is offered as a free software editor for all Spider Valve Mk II (112, 212, HD) amplifiers owners. Spider Valve Edit requires either a MIDI to USB connection from the amp to a computer, or a and CAT-5 connection from the amp to a Line 6 FBV Shortboard™ MkII or FBV Express™ MkII Series Controller with USB connection to a computer. See the following link for more information on updating your Spider Valve Mk II:

Updating the Spider IV (75, 120, 150, 150HD) using the FBV Mk II and Line 6 Monkey

Q: Do I need to have version 1.50 (or later) firmware installed on my Spider Valve Mk II amplifier to use Spider Edit?
A: Yes, firmware version 1.50 or later is necessary to interface with Spider Valve Edit.

Q: Where can I download Spider Valve Edit?

Spider Valve Edit Download

Q: How Can I get the Spider Valve Edit Manual?
A: You can open the PDF document attached at the bottom of this document, or select the F1 key when using the Spider Valve Edit program.

Q: Can I share Spider Valve Mk II tones using Customtone?
A: Yes, here is the direct link to the Spider Valve customtone sharing site:


Q: What is the file extension for files that will load into Spider Valve Edit?
A: Spider Valve Edit will accept the .sve (single patch) and .svb (bundles) file extensions.

Q: Are Spider Valve Mk II tones compatible with the Spider IV tones found on Customtone?
A: Although the amp models are the same, the extension name for Spider Valve Mk II and Spider IV are different.

Q: Why am I seeing an asterisk in the patch title when I change a parameter in a preset?
A: An asterisk will show preset that has been edited, and will need to be saved either on the computer or the amp to make the change permanent.

Q: Can I use the FBV Mk II to control the Spider Valve Mk II when I am using the FBV controller to interface with Spider Valve Edit?
A: The FBV controller cannot function as an amp controller when being used as an interface for Spider Valve Edit.

Q: Can I import multiple tone patches at once?
A: You can import single tone patches or bundles at once, but not multiple single patches simultaneously.

Q: Can I change the global (Auto FX, MIDI, Loop routing, etc.) parameters in Spider Valve Edit?
A: Global parameters can be changed on the amp, but cannot be controlled by the editor.