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Vetta Software and Upgrade F.A.Q.s

software vetta upgrade faq

Vetta Software Changes

Q. How is the Vetta 2.x software different from the original Vetta?
A. Vetta II has three main component differences from the original Vetta:
1- New software provides more amp models, effects, and features
2- Vetta Digital Interface card provides digital I/O plus a Variax input
3- Newly stylized box, panel, and knobs

Q. What new Amp Models are included?
A. In addition to Vetta's original 49 amp models, 24 new models have been added, plus a "Bypass" amp model, for a grand total of 74. Of the new models, 12 are new Line 6 Originals, and 12 are modeled from various classic and modern amps. The new models are:

Line 6 Originals
Line 6 Variax Acous
Line 6 Super Clean
Line 6 Super Sparkl
Line 6 Sparkle Clean
Line 6 Crunch
Line 6 Smash
Line 6 Fuzz
Line 6 Chnk Chnk
Line 6 Big Bottom
Line 6 Treadplate
Line 6 Lunatic
Line 6 Agro

Amp Model/based on
'03 Connor 50/Conford '03 mk50h
'03 Deity Crunch/Diezel '03 VH4-Crunch
'03 Deity Lead/Deizel '03 VH-4-Lead
'03 Deity's Son/Diezel '03 Herbert
'63 Fn Black Vib Verb/Fender '63 Vibroverb
'67 Fn Black Dual Show/Fender '67 Dual Showman Head
'72 Fn Silver Bass Head/Fender '72 Bassman Head
'87 Brit Gain Silver J/Marshall '87 Silver Jubilee
'92 Brit Gain J-900 Clean/Marshall '92 JCM-900-Clean ch
'92 Brit Gain J-900 Dist/Marshall '92 JCM-900-Dist ch
'03 Brit Gain J-2000/Marshall '03 JCM 2000
'02 Missippi Criminal/Peavey '02 5150 II
  • All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6's sound model development.
Q. Are there any differences between the Vetta I and Vetta II versions of the 49 original Amp Models?
A. Yes, although many of the changes are subtle. The differences break into three categories: 1) Tonal improvements due to more refined modeling since Vetta was released, 2) Drive knob scaling, to reduce volume changes over the drive range, and/or 3) Channel Volume scaling, to provide a more consistent output level from amp to amp. The end result is an even more refined tone than before. Additionally, some of the cabinet model refinements that have been made for Flextone III and HD 147 have been also made to Vetta's cabinet models.

Q. Will my original Vetta presets sound the same in Vetta II?
A. Sonically, your settings should be the same, although some level adjustment should be expected due to the changes in how the Drive and Channel Volume now work. Typically, the only manual change you should require would be to turn up or down the Channel Volume of your amp model. No change should be required to the Drive level, since the amount of drive is unchanged; only the relative output level for a given Drive setting has changed (which is controlled by the Channel Volume).

Q. What new effects are in Vetta II?
A. A handful of newly created effects have been added to Vetta II, of various types and in various categories. There are two new Distortion Stomp Boxes, five new Modulation effects that can be used as Stomp Boxes or Post Effects, two Tremolos that can now be used as Stomp Boxes, six new Modulation Post Effects including stereo modulations, a stereo post Delay, and 12 new Synth/Filt Stomp Boxes that emulate many classic monophonic synthesizers and filter sweep effects.

Q. Have there been any changes to Vetta's original effects?
A. In addition to the added effects, The Phaser model now has a feedback control, as does the Reverse Delay. Some of the reverbs have also had some subtle improvements.

Q. What's new with the Post Effects routing?
A. Vetta II now allows for the five stereo Post Effects to be connected together in any order, and each can be selected to operate in series or in parallel, or chained to create combination effects. This routing is changeable in the same simple manner that the Stomp Box effects can be routed.

Q. What else is new?
A. A long list of software improvements have been added in Vetta II. Here are some highlights:
- Multiple Volume Pedal response curves
- Double Tracker On/Off switch
- Speakers and Direct Outs switchable on or off per channel
- Improved Tuner response
- Half-power mode for controllable lower volume use
- MIDI Sysex commands for parameter editing
- Digital I/O and Variax connection support with the Vetta Digital Interface

Q. How can a Vetta be upgraded with Vetta II's features?
A. All of Vetta II's software features (which includes everything but the Vetta Digital Interface) can be downloaded into a Vetta through its MIDI interface. This download is available for free at www.line6.com to all Vetta owners. All that's required is a computer with an Internet connection and a MIDI interface. If it is desired to also add a Variax input and digital audio inputs and outputs, then a Vetta Digital Interface card is also needed (but not required for the software update).

Vetta Updates and Reflash Procedure

Vetta Hardware Changes

Q. Are the Direct Outputs different?
A. Yes. Vetta II takes advantage of the improvements to our A.I.R. II mic and cab modeling that we have since used in PODxt, the Flextone III and HD 147 amps. The Direct Output sound is now more realistic than ever.

Q. Is there a power difference between Vetta and Vetta II?
A. No. Vetta and Vetta II Combo are each 150 watts (75 watts per channel), and the Vetta and Vetta II HD are each 300 watts (150 watts per channel). These power amps are designed to have tube amplifier response, with plenty of headroom for that transient "blink" factor. The wattage of original Vetta models were rated very conservatively, resulting in smaller wattage numbers being reported.

Q. Can the cabinet and panel be upgraded?
A. With the software upgrade and the addition of the Vetta Digital Interface, any original Vetta can be brought up to complete Vetta II specifications. The only remaining difference is the look. Although not encouraged due to the cost and complexity, it is possible to update the cosmetics of a Vetta. The update entails removing the chassis and speakers from the old box and putting them into a new one, and replacing the top panel and its circuitry. Again, this update will not add any functionality or sonic improvements, since it is purely cosmetic. To perform this update, it will be required to send your Vetta to Line 6. Contact your regional Line 6 Customer Service Department for details on the cost and procedure of this upgrade.

Q. What capabilities are added with the Vetta Digital Interface?
A. Connections are provided for AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital audio inputs and outputs. The digital audio interface can operate at 16, 20, or 24-bit resolution, at sample rates up to 96KHz. The digital audio connections can be used for direct digital recording, as a digital effects loop, or for digital "re-amping" with a computer recorder or DAW.

The Vetta Digital Interface also adds a Variax input. This input is able to provide direct power for Variax, bi-directional communication between Vetta and Variax, plus a digital audio connection from Variax to Vetta. With this connection, it's possible to not only have your amps, cabs, effects, and routing change with the touch of a button, but now your guitar can as well.

Vetta and Variax Instruments

Q. What capabilities are added when using Variax with Vetta II?
A. When a Variax is digitally connected to a Vetta II, the model and pickup selection on Variax, along with its Tone control, can be stored with each Vetta II channel. Variax's settings can be set from the guitar, or Vetta II's front panel. The digital cable that connects Variax to Vetta II also provides power to the Variax, and sends Variax's digital audio directly into Vetta's Digital Signal Processors (eliminating the need to convert Variax to analog and back to digital again to get into Vetta II).

Q. How can a Vetta add the Vetta Digital Interface?
A. The Vetta II comes with the Vetta digital interface installed, and every Vetta I includes an expansion slot that can accommodate the Vetta Digital Interface. This interface is no longer available from Line 6, but may be found on the open market.

Vetta 2.5 software questions

Q: I am noticing that the Vetta 2.11 and 2.5 software versions sound a little different. Did the original amp models change?
A: There were no intentional changes to the Vetta models from v2.11 to v2.5. However, the direct outs changed, as well as the addition of the loudness function and the presence boost. These changes in the software could account for the audible differences some end users have stated that they are comparing the two software versions.

Q: Is Vetta 2.5 going to be upgraded?
A: After a painstaking review of the current issues presented in the Vetta II firmware, We have made the difficult decision that we will not be providing any additional updates to the current code. We do not take this decision lightly, and although many Vetta users have not encountered the issues that have been discussed in forums, we are very sorry for those that have been affected. Although this may not be the ideal outcome for some, we do believe there are adequate workarounds for these issues and hope that the many benefits of the Vetta II platform can continue to inspire your music for years to come.