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OSX 10.9/GarageBand 10 won't authorize POD Farm 2

We have discovered that even if you've authorized your POD Farm 2 license with Line 6 License Manager, GarageBand 10 on OSX 10.9 will not allow you to use POD Farm as an AU plug-in on an audio track. The plug-in window launches showing that plug-in is not authorized. To ensure the plug-in is working as it should, we encourage you to test it on another DAW, such as Reaper, which is a free download.

GarageBand 10 changes the location where the authorization files are found. However, there's a workaround to try:

1. Authorize your computer (or Hardware / L6 Device) - using License Manager
2. Start up Pod Farm (not plugin) and see that things are working okay
3. Copy the entire ~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort folder
Support/Line 6/GuitarPort
(create that folder path as needed)

NOTE: You may get a pop-up from the OS asking you to lower your security settings to use this AU. You will not be allowed to use POD Farm, or other certain plug-ins, until this settings change is made.

If you continue to have issues with POD Farm 2 after trying the workaround, please contact Apple Support at the link below for assistance with configuring GarageBand's security settings to allow POD Farm 2 to be authorized: