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Pinned  Helix/LT/FX Reset Procedures and Troubleshootin...

Oct 12 2015 03:14 PM | line6will in HELIX

We’re sure you’ll have a great experience with your Helix. As with anything, be sure to regularly back up your presets, and in the event anything unexpected happens while using your Helix, please perform one or more of the steps below. If your Hel...

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Pinned  Firehawk FAQ

Jan 02 2015 08:10 AM | Line6Drew in Firehawk

Full List and Descriptions of FIREHAWK FX Amps, Cabs, and Effects  FIREHAWK FX Specs · 29 HD Amp Models· 25 HD Effects Models· 78 POD Farm Amp Models· 95 POD Farm Effects Models· 8 simultaneous effects· 128 Onboard Presets· 5 FX on/off, ch...

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Pinned  How to update the Helix's firmware

Nov 09 2015 10:50 AM | line6will in HELIX

Instructions on how to update the Line 6 Helix to the latest firmware.

Images: Attached Image: l6update1.JPG Attached Image: l6update2.JPG Attached Image: l6update3.JPG
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Pinned  Helix Pedal Maintenance Procedure

May 22 2017 02:26 PM | Line6Tony in HELIX

NOTE: Please be aware that this is NOT for the Helix LT. The instructions contained in the document below illustrate how to resolve loosening and squeaking that may be encountered with your Helix® floor processor’s built-in expression pedal. Line...

Images: Attached File  Helix_Expression_Pedal_Troubleshooting_Instructions_Rev_A.pdf   1.36MB   667 downloads
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Pinned  HELIX Support FAQ

Oct 08 2015 07:14 AM | line6will in HELIX

Will there be an iOS or Android editor? ​Probably not, Helix's presets are extremely large, and syncing 1024 tones would take forever. As Helix is more at home in larger studios and on larger tours, it makes sense to support Mac/PC editing. Can I...

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Pinned  Firehawk Troubleshooting

Jun 26 2015 04:11 PM | Line6Tony in Firehawk

Q: The ABCD lights are flashing and the unit does not function, even after a factory reset. A: This is recovery mode, meaning there was a failed update attempt. The unit will function again once the update is successfully completed. I n the ev...

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Jan 25 2018 11:49 AM | Line6Tony in HELIX

HX EFFECTS FAQ  Ugh, I don’t wanna READ. Can’t I just watch some videos? Paul Hindmarsh’s Intro Video (5:57): https://www.youtube....3&v=bTZ_f6wzJaw Learning 80% of HX Effects in less time than it takes to listen to “Never Gonna Give You...

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Helix/LT Full Model List

Oct 13 2015 03:09 PM | line6will in HELIX

Helix/Rack/LT Master model list. Updated as of v2.50 GUITAR  Model............................................................ Based On WhoWatt 100 ................................................Hiwatt® DR-103 BrillSoup Pro ......................

Images: Attached Image: helix amps.PNG
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HX Effects Firmware Update

Jan 30 2018 09:40 AM | line6will in HELIX

You can download the software needed from this link:  https://line6.com/software/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLw43iQkLtg  NOTE: If you run into any trouble with a failed update or your unit will not boot up, try powering on while h...

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Helix LT Pedal adjustment spec

Feb 02 2018 01:56 PM | Line6Tony in HELIX

We recommend a maximum torque of 35 kg-cm or 30 lb-in. The factory torque setting is intentionally a bit high (extra insurance so the pedal doesn’t loosen during shipping).  On the lower end, we know anything looser will be better, so we don’t s...

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HELIX FX Models and their relations to tap tempo

Jan 18 2016 01:44 PM | line6will in HELIX

All the effects in the Helix are modeled with the utmost accuracy. Some of the time based effects have limitations on the hardware when it comes to delay time or modulation speed.  If a tempo is tapped that is beyond the range of the effect model...

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Oct 23 2017 01:34 PM | Line6Tony in HELIX

LINE 6 SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM FAQ (US ONLY)  Please note that a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to qualify for any warranty service. General warranty information can be found at www.Line6.com/warranty ....

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M5/M9/M13 Scene Backup and Loading

Feb 08 2010 02:49 PM | Line6Tony in M5 / M9 / M13

M5/M9/M13 BACKUP INSTRUCTIONS *** This procedure is also explained in the M9 Advanced User's Guide and M13 Advanced User's Guide  REQUIRED: A MIDI sequencer app such as Cubase or a sysex app -- if you don't have a sysex app installed, do a...

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M13 Stompbox Modeler FAQ

Mar 26 2008 03:28 PM | Line6Tony in M5 / M9 / M13

Total Looper Recording Time: 30 seconds (60 seconds with half-speed enabled) Ins and Outs: Stereo Input through two 1/4" mono inputs (L and R), stereo effects loop (Send and Return each has stereo L and R 1/4" jacks), and stereo output through two...

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The Complete Line 6 Pedal Compatibility FAQ

Sep 27 2016 05:00 AM | Line6Tony in FBV Controllers (MKI / MKII/ 3)

http://line6.com/legacy/images/Floorboard.jpg Line 6 Floorboard:  ONLY Compatible with: AX212, 1st Generation POD/BassPOD, POD Pro (labeled "Pedal" above Cat 5 Connector"), 1st Generation of Spider (Red Faced) Flextone 1, Flextone II, Flextone...

Images: Attached Image: VettaFBV-317b4e00750efcbc475c6698e600811b.jpg Attached Image: url.jpg Attached Image: _c193922_image_0.jpg Attached Image: 1600-FBV2_detail9.jpg Attached Image: fbv-express-mkII_lrg.jpg Attached Image: FBVSB2-large.jpg Attached Image: file_r17492.png
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FBV 3 Update Mode

Jun 21 2016 07:39 AM | line6will in FBV Controllers (MKI / MKII/ 3)

The Line 6 FBV 3 has an update mode. You can use this if your firmware update fails for any reason. Press and hold down Footswitch 1 and the A footswitch and then plug in the USB cable to power on. You'll see the LCD screen say Update Mode. The Line 6...

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FBV3 with Spider IV 75, 120, 150, HD150

Sep 11 2017 07:58 AM | Line6Tony in FBV Controllers (MKI / MKII/ 3)

Here are the controls for Spider IV amps (75,120,150, HD150) when using the FBV 3 foot controller. FS1: Boost on/offFS2: FX1 (Gain, Auto, Pitch)FS3: FX2 (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo)FS4: FX3 (Delay, Tape Echo, Sweep Echo)FS5: Reverb on/off Functi...

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Recovery from corrupt tones / A and D lights lo...

Aug 04 2015 12:24 PM | Line6Tony in Firehawk

We've found that tones created while using the original 1.01 firmware can sometimes be corrupted, regardless if they are new or downloaded tones. This results in the device locking up, with a factory reset being needed for recovery (press and hold the...

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How to recover from a failed update attempt

Aug 05 2015 10:27 AM | Line6Tony in Firehawk

A failed firmware attempt can have a number of causes. Computer users may be having USB hardware or driver configuration issues, while mobile device users may experience Bluetooth range or interference issues. In any event, a failure in the update proc...

Images: Attached Image: FH update fail.png
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Updating the Firehawk FX via USB on a Windows o...

May 28 2015 09:50 AM | Line6david in Firehawk

Here is how to update the Firehawk FX step by step:  For Windows 7, 8, or 10 systems, please start with step 1. For OSX 10.8 and up, skip to step 8. 1. In order for your computer to see the Firehawk you will need to install the driver for th...

Images: Attached Image: Download Drivers.png Attached Image: Driver Get Download.png Attached Image: Software Agreement.png Attached Image: Downloads Chrome.png Attached Image: Install Firehawk.png Attached Image: DOnt connect Hardware.png Attached Image: Dirvers Reconnect Hardware.png Attached Image: Download Updater.png Attached Image: Updater Get Download.png Attached Image: Updater Install.png Attached Image: Updater Complete.png Attached Image: Line 6 Updater Start Menu.png Attached Image: Accept Agreement Updater.png Attached Image: Updater Login.png Attached Image: Updater Select Firehawk.png Attached Image: Firehwak Updater Version.png Attached Image: Firehawk update proceed.png Attached Image: Update Bar.png Attached Image: Update complete.png
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