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Pre 2.10 snapshot presets can eliminate EXP 2 from EXP scribble strip

Pre 2.10 snapshot presets can eliminate EXP 2 from EXP scribble strip
v2.10 - e561954


1. Save a preset with snapshots on v2.01 public firmware.
2. Back up that preset on v2.01 public editor
3. update Helix floor to v2.10 public firmware via Line 6 Updater
4. Perform a factory restore on Helix floor (FS 9+10)
5. Install v2.10 public Helix Edit application
6. Import your v2.01 snapshot preset
7. Load the imported preset and change snapshots on Helix floor
8. Observe EXP scribble strip


RESULT: only EXP 1 shows on EXP scribble strip. EXP 2 is eliminated (without having anything plugged into EXP 2)


EXPECTATION: EXP scribble strip properly displays EXP states upon snapshot load.


NOTE: This does not occur on latest factory presets with snapshots Factory 2> 32B and 32D (v2.10). After EXP 1 shows in EXP scribble strip, and preset with snapshots saved in this state will display the bug.


1. Plug a cable into EXP 1 or EXP 2 and remove cable
2. EXP scribble strip will now show EXP 1/EXP 2. Saving preset will restore proper states. This issue should no longer occur with presets saved in this manner.


It still occurs and an update would be appreciated. I had to roll back mine to 2.01. Waiting for the fix.

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This fix does not work on my Helix floorboard.  It always reverts back to EXP1.  This is very frustrating.  Looking forward to the next firmware.

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