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Power Supply, Amp Power and Battery F.A.Q.

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Q: Which power supply works with each Line 6 device?
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Q: What are the specs for the Line 6 Power Supplies?

DC-1: (Tone Core Pedals, Pocket POD) 9.6V DC, 200mA, Center Pin: (-). The DC-1 has been discontinued. We have limited quantities available in our online store if you need a replacement:

DC-1 Replacement

DC-1G: (X2: XDS-Plus/XDR 95, Relay G30/G50/G90 - XD-V70/30, M5 Stompbox Modeler): 9V DC, 500mA, Center Pin: 2.1mm.
PX-2/PX-2g AC: (Stomp modelers, All PODs, XT, and X3 series, XPS, Micro Spider): Output: 9V AC, 2000mA. Plug Length: 10.5mm, Diameter: 5.5mm, Center Pin: 2.5mm.
DC-3g: (POD HD 300/400/500 and HD Bean): 9V DC, 3A (3000mA) Plug length: 15mm, Diameter: 5mm, Center Pin: 2mm.

Line 6 power supplies are available at you local dealer or at our Online Store.

Q: I want to power more than one Line 6 unit from the same power supply. How can I achieve this?
A: The Voodolab Pedal Power II Plus can power up to 6 Tonecore pedals and two Modeling pedals at once, and the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC can power up to four Modeling pedals. Other power supplies may not deliver consistent voltage and are not supported by Line 6.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus

Voodoo Lab Pedal power AC
Q: I am traveling overseas. How should I power my Line 6 device?
A: You can buy any adapter that converts your country's power to these specs and it will work. Any electronics store in your country should be able to sell you one, or you can contact your local Line 6 dealer. Be aware that the DC-1g power supply is “universal” across all voltage and power standard around the world, and you will only need the appropriate adaptor for a new region rather than a different power supply or transformer.

There are certain products that operate over a range of power supplied and don't require any conversion:
Product Range POD HD Pro 100-240V AC POD X3 Pro 100-240V AC Relay G90 90-250V AC

Q: What if I do not have the Line 6 power supply?
A: If it is not possible for you to obtain an official Line 6 power supply then any other power supply with the same specifications should suffice (but is not supported).

Q: I am outside the United States, what do I need to power my Line 6 unit?

Option 1: We recommended that the proper Line 6 power supply be used. Please contact an authorized Line 6 Distributor for the appropriate region. To acquire the proper Line 6 power supply for a desired country, please visit theAuthorized Line 6 Dealers page to find an one near you.

Option 2: You will need a travel voltage converter. These will work fine with a U.S. version POD, provided that the travel converter is capable of providing at least 1.5 amps of current (2 amps for a PODxt) and can handle a minimum of 100 watts.

Q: I purchased my internally powered Line 6 unit in a region that has "XXX" voltage, and now I am relocating to a region that has different power. Can my Line 6 unit be modified or do I need to use a external transformer?
A: Many Line 6 devices (i.e.rack mounted PODs, Flextone, Vetta) and amplifiers can be internally modified at an Authorized Line 6 Service Center to the power needs in your new region. Spider amplifiers require that the transformer be replaced along with internal modification. Please note that this is a non-warranty modification and will not be covered under any warranty agreement.

Q: What are some of the common power situations around the world?
A Always verify your voltage and frequency BEFORE plugging your unit in, as damage could result if the unit is improperly powered. Although there can be variations to power, here are some common voltage and frequency situations found around the world:

United States: 120V AC/60 HZ

Europe: 220V AC/50Hz

United Kingdom: 240VAC/50Hz

Australia: 240VAC/50Hz

Japan: 100VAC/60Hz

Here are some examples available on the web:


Q: What is the warranty on a Line 6 power supply?
A: 90 days from the purchase date. This applies to power supplies purchased separately and were not included with a Line 6 device.

Q: What is the difference between alkaline and rechargeable batteries?
A: Rechargeable batteries will usually last about half the time of alkaline batteries, and can have an inconsistent power drain after each recharge. We recommend using alkaline batteries when powering your Line 6 product. Not all rechargables are true AA size and may not fit correctly.