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StageScape M20d Firmware 1.20 Update Information

stagescape m20d mixer digital update firmware version 1.20

The 1.20 firmware update for the StageScape M20d features a new fader view for enhanced control on touch screens and Artist Presets.

****Please be aware that if you are updating from firmware 1.00 directly to 1.20, the update file will state that you are installing version 1.32. This is a typo that will be fixed in the future and it will have no affect on your firmware 1.20 installation or functionality.****

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version of the StageScape firmware works only with StageScape remote app v1.10. Please update your StageScape remote app on your iPad when updating your StageScape firmware.

When updating firmware, have ONLY the SD card or USB drive that is being used to install the update plugged into the StageScape.

This update is available from this web address http://line6.com/software/index.html. Be sure to select StageScape M20d under All Products, click the red Go button, and you will be able to download the Firmware 1.20 update. You will have to download this file and save it to a SD card or USB thumb drive. Insert that device into your StageScape M20d, go to the i menu, Show System Settings, Update M20d, Update System Firmware.

The update file will have to be in the top hierarchy of your media device. Firmware install files will not be recognized if they are placed in a folder. Be sure to unplug any other media device (USB, SD card or PC) from your StageScape that is not being used for the firmware update. New Features

Bug fixes:
  • Output preset recall resetting output level
  • Minor bug fixes
Fader View:

With the new 1.20 firmware, the perform mode now has a fader view option on the touch screen of the StageScape M20d. This allows you to view and manipulate levels for your inputs, monitors, global FX, and main mix as virtual faders on the touch screen. You can also control your trim, pan, and global FX send levels with the rotary encoders under each virtual channel strip.

Attached Image: Follow Stage Update120.png

Attached Image: Mixer View  FX.JPG

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Artist Presets: Brad Madix and Daniele Di Giovanni

Brad Madix:

Rock Kick - Aggressive rock bass drum. Sits in the mids when you really lay into it, somewhat more natural when played quietly.

Rock Snare - A "fat" rock snare with a bottom that is shaped using the dynamic eq. Pushes up the low end for that "arena rock" sound.

Drum Buss Crush - Crush a drum sub mix. Really pumping compression. Scary on its own, but blend it back in with the uncompressed drums and the whole kit will come forward. A little goes a long way.

Rock Bass - Big mid boost to get the bass to pop out in the mix

Rock Guitar - Bright and cutting. Best for leads.

Vocal - Bright and clear without sibilance using the de esser Brighten up that male vocal without it getting too "essy".

Daniele Di Giovanni:

Grand Piano (PianoMic)- Earthworks PianoMic at its best

Attached Image: Artist Presets 1.JPG

Attached Image: Artist Presets 2.JPG