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StageScape M20d Setup Examples via L6 Link

line 6 stagescape m20d mixer l6 link pa live setup

All L6 Link Connections require AES/EBU cables with a maximum 50 foot length.

Attached Image: L3t+L3s+M20d+Small+PA.jpg
StageScape M20d?Small PA :
  • Connect the L6 LINK out from a StageScape M20d mixer to the rear panel L6 LINK In on any speaker in the network.
  • Any L3t/L3m towers and L3s subs on an L6 LINK network are numbered independently.
  • In the illustration above, the two L3s subs (labeled SUB 1 and 2) will, by default, play left and right, respectively. The two upright L3t/L3m towers (numbered 1 and 3) will, by default, play left and right, respectively. L3t/L3m number 2, because it?s laid on its side, will automatically play discrete monitor feed A.
  • Any speaker on the network can have its channel assignment changed from the M20d's touch screen interface.
Attached Image: L3t+L3s+M20d+Large+PA.jpg
StageScape M20d?Large PA :
  • In the illustration above, four L3s subs (labeled SUB 1-4) and seven L3t/L3m speakers (independently numbered 1-7) are daisy-chained from an M20d mixer. The subs and upright towers automatically configure themselves to be a powerful stereo mains system. L3t/L3m speakers on their side (numbers 3, 4, and 5) automatically configure themselves as stage monitors, and play monitor feed A, B, and C respectively.
  • You can also reassign any speaker from the M20d touchscreen.