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POD HD500/HD Desktop/HD Pro v2.0 Release Notes

release notes hd 500 2.0 pro pod

POD HD Flash Memory v2.02 is a FREE firmware update that is highly recommended for all POD HD500/HD Desktop/HD Pro users. Please ensure to update to the latest POD HD Editing software to use with your updated POD HD hardware (POD HD500 Edit, POD HD Edit, and POD HD Pro Edit software).

POD HD 2.02 includes two brand-new HD guitar amp models, the world’s first HD bass amp model (with eight mic model choices) and a new vintage-voiced mic preamp model.
  • “Plexi Lead NRM” and “Plexi Lead BRT” HD Guitar Amp Models
    • Stunning new HD guitar amp models based on the Normal and Bright inputs of the legendary Marshall® “Plexi” 1959 Super Lead 100-watt head.
  • “Flip Top” HD Bass Amp Model
    • Based on the Ampeg® B-15NF Portaflex®, one of the most popular studio bass amps of all time.
  • Eight New Mic Choices for the “Flip Top” Cab Model
    • Get your ideal bass tone from the new “Flip Top” HD bass model with eight mic choices based on*:
      • Shure® SM57
      • Sennheiser® 421
      • AKG® D12
      • AKG® D112
      • EV® RE20
      • Shure® SM7B
      • Heil® PR40
      • Neumann® U47
  • “Vintage” HD Mic Preamp Model
    • A vintage-voiced tube mic preamp based on* the Requisite® Y7. Place this model at any point in the signal chain to give incredible warmth to vocal sounds and guitar and bass tones. Its controls include:
    • Gain: Input Gain
    • HPF: Provides a High-Pass Filter with a range of 20Hz-500Hz
    • LPF: Provides a Low-Pass Filter with a range of 5kHz-20kHz
    • Phase: 0 or 180 degree out of phase (useful when used within parallel signal paths)
    • Output: Output Level
  • Cabinet Model Deep Edit Parameters
    • These parameters offer more control over the response of the POD HD cab models, allowing more customization than ever. Each cabinet model includes the following controls:
      • Low Cut: Provides a gentle High-Pass Filter with a range of 20Hz-500Hz
      • Res Level: Controls the cabinet’s overall Resonance Level
      • Thump: Controls the cabinet’s Low Frequency Resonance Level
      • Decay: Controls the cabinet’s Resonance over time
    • Note: Thump and Decay controls are affected by the Resonance Level control. When Res Level is at lower settings these inter-related controls will have minimal effect.
This update also includes a variety of new features and enhancements that make a POD HD500, James Tyler Variax, and DT25 or DT50 guitar amplifier dream rig even more powerful and easy to use.
  • Variax Knobs as Controllers
    • Variax Tone and Volume knobs can act like expression pedals, controlling different aspects of your tone such as delay time, amp drive, etc. Controllers are capable of driving up to 50+ POD HD parameters simultaneously, making it possible to morph between sounds with a single guitar knob.
  • James Tyler Variax Local Control Options
    • To provide smooth, intuitive transitions between the modeled and magnetic pickups, you can choose whether the Volume, Tone and Pickup Selector switch will control both the model and magnetic pickups simultaneously, or lock the model and affect only the magnetic pickups. For example, when using both acoustic and electric tones, you can lock the acoustic model controls so that tweaking knobs and switching pickups when playing the electric sound won’t affect the sound of the acoustic. Locking Volume and Tone controls can also be useful when using Variax knobs as Controllers.
    • Note: Locking the Variax Volume knob will affect both Magnetic and Model while locking the Variax Tone knob will only affect Models.
  • Variax Control Mode (Global/Preset)
    • Choose whether you want to assign Variax guitar models and Local Control settings globally, or on a per-preset basis. Alternately, you can get complete manual control by selecting:
      • Variax Control: Global
      • Local Control: Unlocked (JTV only)
      • Model: Don’t Force.
  • Refined James Tyler Variax Integration
    • The new input selections “Variax” and “Variax Mags” allow you to assign any configuration of magnetic pickups and Variax models per POD HD preset.
    • Mag/Model selection is now recalled per preset, allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off – no need to manually enable/disable models or program preset-driven input changes.
  • POD HD/James Tyler Variax Custom Tuning Creation
    • Now you can create custom Variax tunings for any or all of your POD HD presets. Save and recall them per preset — and get up to 512 unique custom guitar tunings with instant footswitch control.
Bug Fixes
  • Limited resolution for Pitch Glide Min/Max Settings in Controller Assign page – Fixed
Known Issues
  • AC Frequency – When connected to a DT50 or DT25 amplifier, POD HD500 may have its AC Frequency parameter (Setup Page 2) automatically changed. Be sure to check this setting after turning on a connected DT series amplifier.
  • Set List Names – If during the update process new presets are optionally loaded to over-write the previous set, Set List names may not correlate to the new presets appropriately. This is because renaming Set Lists is not a part of the firmware update process. Set List names may be changed in the hardware using a variety of methods:
  • System Reset – Pressing (and holding down) the four-way navigation pad to the left while powering up will perform a Global Settings reset. This action will reset all settings to their factory default and requires a recalibration of the on-board expression pedal. Instructions for pedal calibration can be found here. Due to the pedal recalibration, it is generally recommended to update the Set List names using the manual method described below.
  • Manual - Set Lists may be renamed manually by simply highlighting a Set List name and pressing the Save button. Use the four encoders beneath the main display and press Save to complete.
  • The presets in firmware v2.02 correlate to the following Set List names, as seen in the main display from left to right, top to bottom:
  • L6LINK <-> DT
  • USER 1
  • USER 2
  • USER 3
[/list][/list]***Please use the latest version of Line 6 Monkey to update your POD HD500/HD Desktop/HD Pro to this latest version of the flash memory. Please go over the following Line 6 Monkey FAQ for compatibility. Check out the following tutorial video here for information on how to update your POD HD device.