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POD X3 Series: Loading tones with Line 6 Monkey using the Backup and Restore Function

pod xt loading saving tones line monkey backup restore

Scenario A:
You found an XT compatible tone on customtone.com that you want to try out on your X3 Live

Scenario B:
You have an XT patch you'd like to use as a tweak base for your X3 Live

Let's use Line 6 Monkey to import this patch into a specific bank.

Under the Backup & Restore Tab, click on ADVANCED:
Posted Image

Now click on CHOOSE
Posted Image

Get the tone you want:
Posted Image

Then decided where you want to put it.
(NOTE: "ALL" is for bundles.)
Posted Image


Q: Can I use Bass PODxt tones on the X3 series units?
A: No, the Bass PODxt tones will not load into the X3, producing an "invalid tone" message.