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POD X3 series Specifications and general FAQs

pod x3 series specs faq

Posted Image POD X3 Live Pilots Manual

Q: What is the manufacturer warranty of my new POD X3 Live?
The manufacturer's warranty for the X3 Bean/Live is one year from the date of purchase. You will need to have a copy of your original sales receipt present in order to redeem your warranty. For international warranty policy please read referenced document: Line 6 Product Warranty List and F.A.Q.

Q: How do I register my New POD X3 Live?
You can register directly from the Line 6 website

What are the dimensions of the POD X3 Live?
Length: 21.5"
Width/Depth: 10"
Height: 4.75"
Weight: 8.40lbs

POD X3 Live Presets List
This list includes user preset from 1A to 32D and presets in each folder located in the bottom left corner the LCD screen on the home signal chain page. X3 Presets: THE BIG LIST

POD X3 Live Complete Models List
This list includes a complete list of POD X3 Live models: (GUITAR / BASS / PREAMP / MIC / WAH / MOD / DELAY / VERB) X3 Models List

Q: What are the hardware specifications for the X3 series?

Attached Image: X3 Specs.JPG