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Echo Farm Operation

Mar 03 2017 10:02 AM | line6will in Echo Farm

All the Echo Farm knob controls are designed to be adjusted using a straight left-to-right or up-and-down mouse motion. Click on any knob and drag to the left or down to lower the parameter's value. Drag to the right or up to increase the value. For be...

Images: Attached Image: echo farm op.JPG Attached Image: echotable.JPG
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Echo Farm 3.0 FAQ

Feb 21 2017 08:24 AM | Line6Tony in Echo Farm

What is Echo Farm 3.0 ? Echo Farm is a 64-bit delay modeler plug-in for the Pro Tools 11+ AAX Native platform. It offers 12 different delay models –based on a combination of actual hardware devices and Line 6 originals – and provides simple and effec...

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