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Line 6 Video Tutorials: Complete List
Jul 22 2014  The complete list of all Line 6 video tutorials.

POD RSS Feed 82 articles

Jun 27 2014  Deutsch Français en Please download and read the following manuals for your POD HD Device and Edit Software: POD HD500X: POD HD500X Quick Start Guide POD HD500X Advanced Gu...

Computer Based Recording RSS Feed 82 articles

How To Uninstall Line 6 Drivers From MAC OSX
Jun 27 2014  Deutsch Français en To uninstall the Line 6 Drivers from a MAC OSX computer, use the Line 6 Driver Uninstaller that is located on the computer at following file location: Applica...

Dream Rig RSS Feed 5 articles

Dream Rig: Basic Setup and Connections
Mar 28 2014  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypSyRQyb3CU

Amplifiers RSS Feed 60 articles

Spider IV (75-150 HD) Factory Reset, Presets an...
Jul 23 2014  Deutsch Français en Q: Where can I find videos on how to use the Spider IV amplifier? Spider IV movies Q: Where can I download the Spider IV Pilot's Guide and Advanced Guide? Sp...

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Variax Workbench HD Release Notes
Jun 26 2014  Deutsch Français en Workbench HD is the companion editor for the James Tyler Variax HD firmware update. The all-new Variax Workbench HD software lets you mix and match body st...

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VIDEO: How to make an Overhead Drum DSP Preset...
Jul 02 2014  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlTV6kbdrlA

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Using the Mobile In with GarageBand for iOS
Jun 27 2014  Deutsch Français en 1: Connect the Mobile In to your iPhone or iPad using the 30-pin dock connector. 2: Connect your guitar or other audio source to Mobile In: Connect...

Legacy Products 39 articles

BackTrack (+ Mic): FAQ
Feb 25 2014  The BackTrack/BackTrack+Mic was designed to capture and replay any moment of "musical inspiration" without the need for recording preparation to flash memory by sensing audio signal level...

Japanese Support 日本語サポート RSS Feed 57 articles

XD-V70 V2.0 ファームウェアの機能の使い方
Jul 22 2014  V2.0 ファームウェアによりパフォーマンスが向上し、機能が追加されるほか、現行のLine 6 XD-V70 システムとの互換性も維持されます: XD-V70 トランスミッター オリジナルの RF1 モードに、新しいRF2 モードを追加 RF1 モードでは12 チャンネル、RF2 モードでは14 チャンネルを使用可 XD-V70 レシーバー RF1、RF2...