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General FAQ RSS Feed 40 articles

Corrupt software downloads on some Windows comp...
Jun 19 2017  

After investigating claims of customers experiencing trouble when downloading software from www.Line6.com/software, we have discovered that Microsoft has changed/updated their methods...

Tutorial Videos RSS Feed 1 articles

Line 6 Video Tutorials: Complete List
Dec 16 2016  

The complete list of all Line 6 video tutorials.

Effects/Controllers RSS Feed 63 articles

Pre 2.10 snapshot presets can eliminate EXP 2 f...
Jun 19 2017  

Pre 2.10 snapshot presets can eliminate EXP 2 from EXP scribble strip v2.10 - e561954


REPRO: 1. Save a preset with snapshots on v2.01 public firmware. 2...

Amplifiers RSS Feed 58 articles

Firehawk 1500 and Midi CC
May 02 2017  

Firehawk 1500 v1.30.0 now responds to individual incoming midi to control various effect block bypass controls, expression pedal values, or triggers virtual foot switches (like FBV3)....

AMPLIFi Series Products RSS Feed 39 articles

How to Update AMPLIFi 30/75/150/FX100/TT with W...
May 09 2017  

Here are the steps needed to update an AMPLIFi with Windows or OSX. The whole process should only take about 5 minutes. Click on each image to expand it.


Windows use...

POD RSS Feed 77 articles

PODxt series FAQs
Feb 21 2017  

2x12 and 4x12 are not showing up on PODxt series Q: My manual refers to output modes "4x12" and "2x12", or "VIBE", but I can't find them on my POD XT Live A: We decided to use more...

Live Sound RSS Feed 83 articles

Relay G10 FAQ
Jun 19 2017  

LED States:


Transmitter Green when in guitar: On Red flashing when in guitar: Less than 30 minutes battery life left


Green when docked: Fu...

Guitars RSS Feed 28 articles

Clang Tone on Variax Guitars
Jun 20 2017  

Clang tone, a subtle ringing pitched sound caused by the longitudinal wave travelling along the string, is a phenomenon inherent to all vibrating tensioned strings. Piezos and micropho...

Recording RSS Feed 85 articles

Echo Farm 3.0 FAQ
Jun 19 2017  

What is Echo Farm 3.0 ? Echo Farm is a 64-bit delay modeler plug-in for the Pro Tools 11+ AAX Native platform. It offers 12 different delay models –based on a combination of actual...

Mobile Products RSS Feed 24 articles

Mobile Pod and AudioBus Apps
Dec 05 2016  

To prevent feedback in some cases, Mobile POD 2 will not process audio when there is NO audio device connected. However, if ANY audio device is connected (USB, HDMI, even an analog m...

Dream Rig RSS Feed 5 articles

Dream Rig: Basic Setup and Connections
Mar 28 2014  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypSyRQyb3CU

Legacy Products 40 articles

How to run discontinued software
Aug 22 2016  

Like its predecessors, Windows 10 has a compatibility mode to allow users to run older programs written back when previous versions of Windows were the newest operating system. Righ...

Japanese Support 日本語サポート RSS Feed 102 articles

Sonic Port VX / Sonic Port - よくある質問
Mar 07 2017  

Sonic Port VX ユーザーマニュアル


Sonic Port ユーザーマニュアル


Sonic Port VX/Sonic Port とGarageBand iOS アプリの使い方


Mobile POD とApple Inte...