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Line 6 Device Factory Reset Procedures
Feb 14 2018  

Note : This will erase all current presets and restore the factory sounds, so please save your sounds on a second source if necessary.


AMPLIFi 30/75/150/TT : P r...

Tutorial Videos RSS Feed 1 articles

Line 6 Video Tutorials: Complete List
Jan 25 2018  

The complete list of all Line 6 video tutorials.

Effects/Controllers RSS Feed 66 articles

Feb 13 2018  



Ugh, I don’t wanna READ. Can’t I just watch some videos? Paul Hindmarsh’s Intro Video (5:57): https://www.youtube....3&v=bTZ_f6wzJaw Learn...

Recording RSS Feed 98 articles

Windows Driver Removal
Jan 19 2018  

How to remove current and previously installed drivers in Windows. This is a good troubleshooting tip when you upgrade to a newer Windows system and the drivers failed to migrate properly. This can also fix a few issues when Windows 10 fails to recognize the device.

POD RSS Feed 77 articles

Using Global EQ
Jan 10 2018  

Global EQ is used for compensating for the wide disparity in acoustic environments on tour or when traveling from studio to studio, and is applied to all setlists and presets. Global E...

AMPLIFi Series Products RSS Feed 39 articles

AMPLIFi 30/75/150/TT/FX100 FAQ
Feb 06 2018  

AMPLIFi 75 & 150 User Manual


AMPLIFi FX100 User Manual Full List and Descriptions of AMPLIFi Amps, Cabs, and Effects


AMPLIFi 30/7...

Amplifiers RSS Feed 57 articles

Firehawk Effects Blocks Basics
Jan 18 2018  

Firehawk Effects Blocks Basics


In the Firehawk Remote editor, there are 12 effects blocks that you can turn on and off, and assign different models and param...

Live Sound RSS Feed 83 articles

Using G70/75 with other Line 6 wireless (RF Co-...
Jan 23 2018  

Even with RF2/ RF3 co-habitability - that does not necessarily mean that every channel will work in the same environment. Check out this chart as to what channels are available when us...

Guitars RSS Feed 27 articles

James Tyler Variax, Variax Standard, Variax Shu...
Feb 16 2018  

Deutsche Version Version française en James Tyler Variax Guitar Specs (Korean)




- Mahogany body with carved maple top with flame m...

Mobile Products RSS Feed 24 articles

Some Amps and Cabs have been renamed in Mobile...
Jan 31 2018  



• Boutique #3 is now Zen • Brit Class A #1 is now Class A-30TB • Brit Class A #2 is now Class A-30 • Brit Class A #3 is now Class A-15...

Dream Rig RSS Feed 5 articles

Dream Rig: Basic Setup and Connections
Mar 28 2014  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypSyRQyb3CU

Legacy Products 40 articles

My POD Pro/Bass POD Pro display is flashing
Feb 14 2018  

This is happening because your Pod Pro is looking for external word clock. You may have inadvertently knocked the sync switch to 'External'. Change the digital sync switch on the upper...