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  1. Spider V / Android Device USB Compatibility Check

    Some Android mobile devices do not fully support “USB Host mode”, which is required for the Spider V Remote app to communicate with Spider V amplifiers. We have found that a free third party utility app called “USB Host Diagnostics” reliably identifies...

    • Sep 26 2016 01:20 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  2. iOS 10 and watchOS 3 support

    Apple’s iOS 10 and watchOS 3 are being released to the public today. Our testing with these new operating systems has shown that all of our software and hardware are working as expected with these systems. Two notes to be aware of:On the first ru...

    • Sep 22 2016 08:46 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  3. Are Line 6 Wireless Products Cross-compatible?

    All 3rd generation Line 6 digital wireless transmitters and receivers are designed to be cross-compatible with each other. For example, the six-channel Relay® G30 transmitter will work on channels 1 through 6 of the XD-V75 receiver. The units in questi...

    • Sep 16 2016 12:53 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  4. Relay G10 FAQ

    LED States:  Transmitter Green when in guitar: On Red flashing when in guitar: Less than 30 minutes battery life left  Green when docked: Fully chargedGreen flashing when docked: Charging Red flashing when docked: Less than 30 minutes bat...

    • Jan 03 2018 03:33 PM
    • by line6will
  5. Software Compatibility Chart

    Please see the enclosed Excel spreadsheet to view the chart.

    • Feb 18 2015 05:28 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  6. AMPLIFi Remote App for Android FAQ

    Table of Contents · General · Device Compatibility · Finding the AMPLIFi Remote App an Android device · Firmware updates · Streaming Music and Tone Searching/Matching · User Interface  General  Q: Are you really finally releasing A...

    • Oct 28 2016 10:57 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  7. How Does the FBV Shortboard MkII Work with the...

    The main features of the Spider III amplifier can be controlled by connecting an FBV Shortboard MKII. Q: What type of cables are used with the Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII ? A: The Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII uses a standard CAT-5/6 cable with standard RJ...

    • Oct 10 2013 08:55 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  8. Are POD HD Tones Compatible with Older PODs?

    Q: Will PODxt or X3 tones work with the POD HD series? A: No. The POD HD tone architecture was built from the ground up and is different then our XT ands X3 series of PODs.Q: Will POD HD500X/500 tones work with the smaller 300 and 400 HD PODs? A: No....

    • Aug 06 2013 03:44 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  9. Are POD HD Products Compatible with POD Farm So...

    Q: Will the POD HD modelers work with the POD Farm standalone or plug in software? A: No. POD Farm is not compatible with any of our POD HD multi effect processor devices however, Line 6 has developed a proprietary editor librarian software called POD...

    • Aug 06 2013 03:59 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  10. Compatible Apps for MIDI Mobilizer

    Below is a list of current compatible and released apps that can be used with MIDI Mobilizer. MIDI Memo Recorder MIDI Surface MIDI Live Pianist Pro bs-16i S1MIDI Trigger Little MIDI Machine NLog MIDI Synth NLogSynth PRO Music Studio...

    • Aug 14 2013 01:57 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  11. Line 6 Floorboard and FB4 F.A.Q.

    Q: What Line 6 controller works with Line 6 Floorboard and/or the FB4? A: The Line 6 products that are compatable with the Line 6 Floorboard/FB4 are:  * Axsys/AX2* Flextone (I), II combos and heads* POD (I) and II (marked as "pedal", not "FB...

    • Apr 08 2016 12:05 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  12. Duoverb F.A.Q.s

    Note : The Duoverb was released in 2002 and is now discontinued. Legacy Products   Q: What is the Duoverb amplifier based on? A: The Duoverb is based on the Vetta technology, designed for the guitarist that wants multiple amp tones at...

    • Apr 08 2016 12:21 PM
    • by Line6Tony