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  1. Line 6 Service Plus Extended Warranty Program

    LINE 6 SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM FAQ (US ONLY)  Please note that a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to qualify for any warranty service. General warranty information can be found at www.Line6.com/warranty ....

    • Oct 26 2017 08:22 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  2. Resetting Factory Presets in Helix Native

    1. Launch Helix Native inside your DAW.2. Click on the icon for Helix Native in the lower middle of the app. 3. In the new floating window for the app's Settings, click on “Restore Factory Setlists.” 4. Confirm that you want to restore the factory defa...

    • Aug 17 2017 09:13 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  3. List of Presets

    This is the factory set of presets in the Firehawk FX/1500.


    [attachment=4826:Firehawk FX Factory Presets - English.pdf]

    • Jan 17 2018 11:17 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  4. List of Presets

    This is the factory set of presets in the Firehawk FX/1500.


    [attachment=4825:Firehawk FX Factory Presets - English.pdf]

    • Dec 29 2017 11:33 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  5. Spider V Factory Preset Chart

    Click to expand the factory preset chart.           

    • Jan 16 2018 11:51 AM
    • by line6will
  6. Pod HD Series Reset Procedures

    Pod HD300/HD400  Factory Reset:Hold down the A footswitch while powering the unit on. Press the PRESETS knob, then press it again.Video Tutorial  No Global Settings reset Pod HD/HD500/HD500x/HD Pro/HD ProX  Global Settings Reset:Hol...

    • Jan 10 2018 11:21 AM
    • by line6will
  7. Helix Reset Procedures and Troubleshooting Tricks

    We’re sure you’ll have a great experience with your Helix. As with anything, be sure to regularly back up your presets, and in the event anything unexpected happens while using your Helix, please perform one or more of the steps below. If your Hel...

    • Dec 12 2017 03:11 PM
    • by line6will
  8. Why Do Presets I Built from Scratch Sound Diffe...

    Q: Why do presets I built from scratch sound different than similar factory presets?  A: When creating new presets from scratch and comparing the tone to an existing factory preset with the same settings, please remember to check the mixer settin...

    • Jan 10 2018 11:31 AM
    • by Line6Tony
    • Aug 12 2013 07:26 AM
    • by Line6Tony
    • Feb 25 2014 01:16 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  9. Obtaining a Repair RMA from Line 6

    Do I need a RMA number (Return Material Authorization)? Yes. Line 6 requires that all end users, dealers and service centers have a valid RMA attached to all products shipped to the Line 6 Service Department. We are not responsible for units sent in w...

    • May 03 2017 01:08 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  10. Spider IV (75-150 HD) Factory Reset, Presets an...

    Deutsch Français  en Q: Where can I find videos on how to use the Spider IV amplifier? Spider IV movies  Q: Where can I download the Spider IV Pilot's Guide and Advanced Guide? Spider IV Advanced Guide Spider IV Pilot's Guide  Q: What...

    • Dec 22 2015 10:22 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  11. Spider Jam 2.09 Update Instructions

    Firmware v2.09 Release Notes: Eliminated slight delay when entering Record mode.Fixed problem with extended-ascii characters in file names.Fixed Undo issue for recordings loaded directly from SD-Card, where the last two overdubs would be erased inst...

    • Aug 13 2013 03:46 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  12. POD X3 Series: Factory Reset, Reflash, and Firm...

    Q: Can I reset the POD X3 series units directly from the unit? A: Yes. Hold the "home" button for two seconds, then highlight "reset user presets" navigating with the 4-way arrow key. Press save, then hold the save button for five seconds and release....

    • Jan 22 2014 09:50 AM
    • by Line6Tony
  13. Micro Spider FAQ

    Deutsch Français Q: What are the presets on my Micro Spider amplifier? A: There are five presets on the Micro Spider: Clean, Crunch, Metal, Insane, and Acoustic. If you would like to return your unit to the original presets, please perform a fac...

    • Feb 18 2015 01:13 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  14. Line 6 Device Factory Reset Procedures

    Note : This will erase all current presets and restore the factory sounds, so please save your sounds on a second source if necessary.  AMPLIFi 30/75/150/TT : P ress and hold the Master Volume knob and Tone button as you power up the amp....

    • Dec 12 2017 03:17 PM
    • by Line6Tony