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  1. Spider Valve Mk II Popping When Changing Presets

    The Spider Valve Mk II series of amplifiers are designed for live performance environments, especially the 100 watt version of the amp. There are rare use cases where, when the volume is set very low ( like an apartment, or bedroom), and specific com...

    • Sep 17 2013 07:14 AM
    • by Line6Hugo
  2. Reducing Unwanted Noise

    Q: How can I reduce hum/noise/feedback when playing? -Single coils pickups used with higher gain settings will often cause noise. Try combining two pickups via the pick-up selector or trying a different guitar to see if the situation is the same. Ma...

    • Jul 18 2013 03:13 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  3. Amplifier Troubleshooting

    Français. Deutsch.  en If you are having trouble with your Line 6 amplifier, please check the following points before taking your amplifier to your local Authorized Service Center:  Q: I am noticing that I am getting volume/tone chan...

    • Jan 25 2017 02:21 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  4. Variax Usage and Tuning FAQs

    Q: I am getting strange noises when I use my Variax. What can I do? - Piezo pickups can be susceptible to Radio Frequencies and Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. Keep cell phones, radios, and computer gear as far away as possible.- Use the highest quality...

    • Aug 08 2013 03:40 PM
    • by Line6Tony
  5. USB Audio Troubleshooting

    Version française. Deutsche Version.  en A brief explanation of USB audio problems:  Most USB audio problems are caused by data transfer interrupts on the USB stream that is feeding audio from the driver to the sound card. If there is a...

    • Jul 26 2017 02:54 PM
    • by Line6Tony