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Tbp 12 Battery Door

g50 tbp 12

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#1 JimCuster


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 09:44 AM

Help, please!  I have a g50 wireless system, with the TBP 12 transmitter.  It recently slipped and hit the ground. It seemed something snapped, and the individual pieces of the battery door latch and battery terminals broke apart. I fitted them back together, but it seems as if some piece (the battery door release, maybe?) broke off and is missing.

I immediately went to the nets to try to replace it.  I found the transmitter for 199.99, which is high, but I love the unit, so I'll do it if I must. However, I also found _just_ the battery door for sale for 12.00. While the door itself is still attached, the latch, release and battery terminals have effectively shattered.  I have looked, and can not see how the door is removed. Is this an 'average user' accessible job? I am of moderate technical ability, and if it IS possible, I'd much rather spend $12.00 then $200.00.

Any tips / thoughts? Oh, and just to mix it up a little more, I am playing a show this Saturday, so I'm already going to pay for overnight shipping, and have to rush this.

Thanks for any and all assistance...

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#2 RonMarton


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 05:59 PM

As I see it, Jim...


There are two preliminary difficulties to be faced by the likes of us trying to re-fit a TBP12's battery door:

  1. Obtaining the correct miniature Torx driver required for the four access screws on the belt-clip side of the TBP12's case and
  2. The extreme care required to avoid causing other loss or damage when lifting that "half" from its "mate".

It's an operation that I might (only "might") be prepared to attempt in the well-equipped and "sterile" maintenance laboratory that my engineering colleagues use for our considerable inventory of TV camera, vision control, microwave and audio equipment.


That's because I would want ready access to such things as the Torx tool I mentioned, self-illuminating "porthole" magnifiers and bench vices.


Given all of that, it should be possible (if fiddly) to "slot" the door's "hinge" spigot (or pivot pin) into its mating "hole" in the front-panel "half" of the case, while holding tension on its loading spring ...and then to replace the belt-clip "half", ...while taking care to ensure that the door's other "hinge" spigot is also properly located in its "hole".  

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#3 RonMarton


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 06:16 PM



...And I've just thought of this, to reduce the urgency:


(...but you may require the loan of your local butcher's blue and white striped apron...)


In the absence of the door...


...ANY suitably-sized bit of conducting metal (like a paper clip) that can be securely "shorted" (using electrical tape, perhaps) across the two battery terminals (remembering that, when inserted, the little "+" one must be the lower of the two) will get you back "on the road", for a "one night only special appearance".


Strapping that pair of AAs in place with a fat rubber band (a lot of players just love rubber, ...but we won't go there...) or with more electrical tape, should do the trick.

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