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Looper Troubles....cant Play Over Loops..sounds Bad

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#1 DtMcGootch


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Posted 19 July 2013 - 08:26 PM

hope someone can help....running my pod hd 500 straight to front of amp which is a mesa nomad 55....i set a loop and try to play with it and it sounds horrible seems like no separation what so ever just a big glob of muffle...am i doing something wrong? the looper is in the very first spot of chain...plus i try to switch to another patch to get a boost to go over it and it just raises the volume of EVERYTHING....i loved the looper in my m13 i went to the effects loop of a different tube amp and had great results because i had recorded some practices of our three piece futzing around over a loop and it sounded killer...i ve had no luck with the hd 500 ...i m hoping its just a me being an imbecile....please help any suggestions welcome

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#2 scheater5


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Posted 19 July 2013 - 09:48 PM

In the looper mode there is a footswitch to change the looper from pre to post - this will change whether or not the looped signal is passed through the signal chain, or a recording of the signal after having already gone through the chain.  


Sounds like you want it set to post - pre is mostly useful for AB'ing effects (though it has other uses).  That means the buttons should say pre, because that means if you press it, it will be change to pre.  Slightly confusing at first, but useful live.  


From your description, that's your problem.  If that doesn't do it let us know.

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