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Recording Interface For More Inputs On M20d?

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#1 litesnsirens


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Posted 28 April 2013 - 07:18 AM

I was wondering about a way to try to possibly get more use out of the USB inputs. My idea may be possible, maybe not.  The idea is to try using a USB recording interface with the M20d.  I'm sure it's not possible at this time, although I haven't tried.  The problem I see as it stands is that the M20d would have to "see" the USB interface, so as is necessary when using such a device with a computer, drivers would likely be necessary.


So I'm throwing it out there, that if Line 6 were to include some drivers for some popular USB recording interfaces, it would be possible for M20d owners to expand the number of inputs without having to create an M40d or the like.  I don't know if doing so would be as complex or more so than making it possible to link 2 M20d's via USB.  I'm just throwing the idea out there.  If you only needed a few more inputs this would be a less expensive option than buying a second M20d.


The problem I see, that may be standing in the way, is that as it stands it is impossible to use the M20d as a recording interface because the best possible latency it can provide is a full 1/2 second.  If adding a USB interface or a second M20d would suffer the same latency, the I guess the latency issue would have to be rectified first.   Which would be awesome in it's own right, Imagine being able to use the M20d as a recording interface. It blows my mind that a device this amazing can't do it already, but who knows.


Anyway, just some thoughts.

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#2 dboomer


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Posted 28 April 2013 - 08:23 AM

Great idea ... but you need to petition the interface manufacturer of your choice to develop the driver program since only they know the proprietary nature of the code for their product.

#3 antonioctd



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Posted 07 May 2013 - 07:28 AM

The latency issue is in fact a very serious one!

It makes the audio interface function advertised by line6 completely useless!


I understand that there are limitations in technology and maybe is not that easy to create a decent asio driver for the m20d. 

But that should be said in the advertising or, better yet, the usb multitrack streaming of audio should not have been included as a feature!


Line6 advertised every thing as it would be an all in one solution. 


I bought the M20d mainly for live sound but then I thought, if this thing is an audio interface I'll just get a laptop and I'll have a complete studio on the go!


I had an old AMD 1800 PC with windows XP (LOL) and an Edirol firewire interface that worked like a dream.


Just figured that it was time to upgrade.

So, I sold the edirol interface and a guitar I had lain around and got a new laptop. 


Now, I'm screwed! I've sold things that worked and I didn't know that the M20d would not work. It just does not work as advertised!


I'm in no condition to buy another interface now... 


I strongly believe that this is deceiving advertising and I'm seriously thinking I could sue Line6!!!

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#4 pgraca


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Posted 16 October 2013 - 04:20 AM

I had the same issue and solved it with a FocusRite 2i2 interface to have a live way to record my sessions to my computer will all the effects :)

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