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Any Worship Guitar Players Using Hd 500?

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 01:33 PM

I appreciate this thread so much!  And i really appreciate Tboneous comments about what is worship.  I agree with most of this discussion, but i feel it does detract from the intent of this tread for sure!  


That said...we as Worship Musicians should be striving for an excellence that is uniquely ours. We like many many other churches are just big "worship cover bands" we try to replicate, duplicate, & manipulate everyone else's tones and effects...which is where i appreciate the comment about how there is not many uniquely outstanding guitarists in this Christian Music era.  Phil Keaggy and Lincoln Brewster are probably the top Christian Music Guitarists of All Time...and being a huge LB fan his tones are uniquely his!


God has given us all talents and giftings (even the un-saved).  We should as a body of believers and worshippers start to break out of the box of comparison and make the sound God has given us...not just duplicate what someone else is doing.  In other words, let's quit letting all the other BIG Christian Worship Bands dictate our tones & lyrics lets make our own!  Some of us may never become BIG like them, but we'd be confident in knowing we were playing the sounds that God gave us to play!


As a side note, everything under the sun hasn't already been done! God is infinitely talented and we are made in his image!!


I get what you are saying and it is certainly a legitimate perspective. In my case though, we are given the recordings of the songs (often in a key different than what we're doing for service) and very simplified often inaccurate, chord charts, a week in advance and do not practice together at all until just before the service.  I essentially learn the songs note for note like the recordings because we don't have time to "arrange" the songs one hour before the first service. So my only reference and therefore, choice, is to match the recording. That makes these tips and patches very helpful to me.  I definitely come up with my own stuff on my own time, but for worship, in my case, it works best to use the recording as a template.  Just don't have the time to do more.

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 03:53 PM

We do the same thing at our church. Note for note. I was just adding to the earlier part of the thread where someone was trying to get pretty deep ;) so I countered with deep! Anyway I guess I should have been clear that I have to download these patches too. So I was talking to my self as well!
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Posted 23 May 2014 - 05:31 AM

I'm one of 2 lead guitar players in a church worship band (we generally alternate weeks).


On the topic of using my own tone vs. copying tones from the original recordings, I'm somewhere in between, but lean closer to using my own tone.


What I do is create several tones of my own that I really like, from crispy clean to high gain, and use those as my base sounds. I generally stick to those tones that I've created and use the appropriate patch for gain level, although sometimes I'll use a light gain instead of clean or something like that.


Then, when a song has a specific ambient effect or timing effect(s), I'll try to match the ambiance or timing effect as much as I can, but using my own tone as a the base tone.


For example, we recently played All The People Said Amen by Matt Maher. I created a patch with my own new clean tone (using the Tweed B-Man), and assigned a low res delay to FS4. The low res delay is set to have a single repeat using 1/16 notes and tap tempo (I just hit the tap tempo switch when the drummer clicks in at the beginning). Then I added a colordrive pedal with medium gain and also assigned it to FS4, but set it up so that when I turn off the delay, the color drive kicks in. This way I get the nice clean repeated notes for the intro and first verse, and a good medium gain sound when the song's chorus kicks in.


Here's the original Maher song: https://www.youtube....h?v=WhfPLYVZ5j0


Here's the patch I created: http://line6.com/cus...ne/tone/343328/


Here's a clip of us playing that song (it's a house recording, so you won't hear much bass or room ambiance, but you'll get the idea of the guitar tone/effects): http://www.mediafire...aidAmenClip.wav


So I get my own tone without copying the song exactly, but still get the feel of the song.

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