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Hd500 For Worship

Best Answer MikeTGreen , 14 September 2013 - 05:01 AM

I've not got a 500, but been playing direct with a 400 for over 2 years, so have some thoughts. Take it for what it's worth....


1.  The sound in the house is not within your control - the only thing you can control is what you send to the house.

2.  The sound you hear from the POD phones out is not what you are sending to the house.  Don't kid yourself.  Practice with it; have fun with it; but don't rely on it to make your patches, until you understand how different it is.

3.  Even the sound you send to the house is not the same as what the house hears - again, this is beyond your control - depends on the house mixer, amps, speakers, and above all, the techs.


Explain to the techs that the unmodified signal you sending to the board is what you want to have coming out of the house PA.  BUT, make sure that sound is what you really want by investing in a small (even cheap) mixer at home to monitor the same output that is going into the snake back to the board.  (Even a sub $50 Behringer is fine for this.)


If you have on stage monitors or even IEMs with a personal mixer, beware of coloration and distortion that can be introduced in taking your full emulation back through a signal path that may not be really ready for that.


Learn to use your ears, whether you start with patches you download, the presets that came with your POD, or something you make up.  There are a *lot* of ways to get a great sound out of these devices, but you have to spend some time learning how to listen.  (I'm still doing that.)

Thanks for this input.  This really confirms my decision to stick with my tube amp and pedal board.  Way too much work to get where I want to be.  Since most soundmen or women at churches are volunteers and learning, they would freak out if I laid all this on them. 

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Posted 12 April 2014 - 02:08 PM

Anyone use their electric guitar through the POD HD to lead worship? If so, what effects do you tend to always have on? And at what levels? And with which amp models?
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