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Pod Hd 500 - 500x *new* Routing Schematics

routing signal routing effect block gain input settings hd500 hd500x mono summing unity gain

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Posted 28 April 2016 - 05:34 AM

What effect would it have if you put the mixer at the front of the signal chain

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Posted 28 April 2016 - 07:00 AM

If the mixer is absolutely the first thing in the chain, that means the second thing is the amp, which also means you can't have any effects before the amp. That's just the way it is when you try to do this. You can have effects before the mixer on either path while the amp remains after the mixer, so that would be the biggest benefit. You could set it up so that you could "pan" between the two paths, or two different effect setups, before it hits the amp, without actually using two amps.

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Posted 18 May 2016 - 02:05 PM

hi all


great thread - learnt a lot about the routing of the HD500x through here.


WRT running two 'real' amps on two separate paths on the HD500x - this is exactly what I've been doing.

one amp is a laney VC30 - I use the power amp section of this, going into the effects return loop input - effects on the HD then a pre model

second amp is a Marshall AFD-100 & 2x 4x12 - using the fx loop on this, just running simple effects - chorus, delay, reverb etc

(my guitar input has an A/B switch so I can select either HD path & corresponding amp)


All functions fine

I do however have one problem - hum

sounds like an earth loop - but I can only hear it on the Laney !

the Marshall is 100% silent

if I disconnect the marshall send & return feeds, the hum disappears totally

any suggestions ?!


Just so happens I solved the hum issue with my Laney Ironheart today and was browsing this forum for the first time in ages. So this coincidences allow me to reply to your question about solving hum from the Laney amp - assuming it is ground loop hum.


I've been having this problem with the Laney for ages and never quite managed to solve it. Quite a while ago I bought a Behringer HD400 passive hum destroyer (very inexpensive) but never got it to work. I realise now I was using it wrong - trying to connect both the send and return of my amp to it. Here's what I did today. I just connected the HD400 to the line that was going from the POD HD to the amp's FX return (so just using one input and output on the HD400). Thus breaking the physical connection (but not signal connection) between the pre-amp and power amp. And the hum was gone. Can't believe it's taken so long to do this.


And thus I've been enjoying an almost silent 4CM with my POD HD500 and Ironheart this evening. Tonight I even experimented with the 4CM method that doesn't use the POD's FX loop at all. Guitar > Pod Guitar Input > POD Signal path B > Guitar amp input > Amp FX send > POD Aux Input > POD Signal Path A > Amp FX Return. Can't believe I've never tried it before, works a treat. The only downside is you can't use the looper. 


Interesting discussion on routing this. It took me a long time to figure out the signal routing on the HD500 myself and I bought one the week of release. It was finally realising that both the A and B paths were separate stereo that made everything fall into place. I tend to build patches totally in one signal path now - it's my preferred method. I keep A and B completely separate. I almost never put pre-effects before the split, always fully in the side paths before the amp, then after the amp. 

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