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Questions For Anyone Who Prefers The Old (pre Hd) Spank 2 And 4 Positions

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#21 derek_32999


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Posted 19 August 2013 - 03:49 PM

Decreasing the volume of the middle pickup definitely helps bring the quack back on position 4.  It doesn't seem to do as much for position 2, but IMO, position 2 sounds pretty good (although I may favor 1.9 a bit on this).


Other than that, I am loving the new models.  Jazzbox and all!

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#22 Inerzia



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Posted 19 August 2013 - 05:17 PM

For me, aside from the acoustic 5 position, the sounds I've been using the most are also the most affected by the 2.0 update,

that is, the neck positions of the jazzbox models, the thinline telecaster neck position and strat 2 and 4 positions.
With my 700 I also use a custom made les paul preset, because it doesn't have the magnetic pickups.

There's not so much to win, feature wise, in comparison with 1.9 so... why am I keeping 2.0?

Well, I loved strat 2 and 4, and I don't think I'm ever going to be able to replicate them with 2.0, but the thing is, after a while, 

I'm not so sure I prefer those sounds, that I've used so much and grown to feel at home with, to the similar ones I'm getting

with 2.0.

Up until now, all I've been doing is editing guitar models with workbench and playing them through their associated patches

in the HD500, so I can better notice what has been changed and what hasn't. Sean Halley suggests that we may appreciate

the new sounds more if we listen to them with an open mind, not expecting them to sound instantly right through existing patches
Well, I understand that, but I still need to hear what's going on and hear the differences. Now it's up to me to redo some of 

those patches. Why am I willing to do so much effort when I can simply stay with 1.9 and sound OK? Well, that's where I'm getting to

I love having all variax patch volumes sound the same, in terms of perceived loudness, so it took me a while to get that with

the new models, and had to create a custom bank to replicate the one I had before. One of those patches I created is a jazzbox

with the R-Billy Tron neck pickup, which sounds as woody as the previous jazzboxes did, and another is a strat 2 substitute with

the tone pot about 85% that sounds more mellow and can be an instant substitute (not replica, but substitute) for the former 

strat 2 position.

And finally, the reason why I decided to keep the 2.0 is that it's simply more musical.

I did hours of A/B testing yesterday, switching back and forth between the v700 and the JTV-89, and everytime I went back to 

the JTV aiming to replicate the sounds on the 700, I came up with some really good sound. Never a replica, but a better version.

Anyway, if I miss the older models, I have my 700 for that, but I bet that, once I've redone some patches, I won't miss the old models

so much.

That said, the JTV-89 custom bank in 1.9 led me to expect to be able to split coils, but instead, I have to use actual single coils for that effect. Will I survive? Yes, it's just that I was counting on this new feature.

Oh, and I want the thinline body back!

On the "undoubtedly better" side of things, I have to say that the new Rick 12 string models are amazing, and the P90's, and the wide range humbuckers, and the LP, and all resonators, and the tone pot response, and... and...

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#23 fremen


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 06:09 AM

The issue some people, including me, are having, may in fact be a bug. Here's what I'm experiencing :


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