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L2t As Studio Monitors?

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#1 Robzebr


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Posted 19 August 2013 - 05:01 PM

With the L2t being a FRFR speaker.... How would they work as studio monitors hanging off the PC... I understand that isn't what they are being steered towards...


... But I'm thinking someone that has a setup at home and wants to maybe save money on the RockIt type speakers... so they just use the L2ts when they are recording... and then if they want to play out they just grab their studio  monitors which happen to be L2ts .. and go...


They should work fine... definitely overkill (wattage) but their primary purpose would still be for hanging off the POD for playing out... or even at home... but if someone wanted to use them in a pinch for recording off the PC.. they would be able to do it...



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#2 RonMarton


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 12:12 PM

...How would they work as studio monitors hanging off the PC... I understand that isn't what they are being steered towards...


If I had just had one reservation, Bob...


...It would be that StageSource speakers may be too "forgiving" (being specifically designed to make musical inputs sound good) to be adequate "stand-ins" for "Rockit type" monitors, because such monitors are specifically designed to do the opposite, ...by revealing ("warts and all") whatever faults may be coming from a given input source, or exist in a given track...




...if someone wanted to use them in a pinch for recording off the PC...


...your suggestion would most likely prove to be "money in the bank", in that StageSource L2s (or even L3s, for that matter) would be more than up to the task, just as you say.

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#3 jaminjimlp



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Posted 21 August 2013 - 06:45 PM

HEY, isn't that why there is a "Reference / PA." setting on the speaker mode?!?!?!?

"Reference/P.A. = This is the recommended mode for live sound reinforcement,with a flat frequency response, a 2.2 kHz crossover frequency,and maximum low frequency extension".  [source:http://l6c.scdn.line...on/pdf/file.pdf]
"Studio monitors are loudspeakers specifically designed for audio production applications such as recording studiosfilmmakingtelevision studios and radio studios where accurate audio reproduction is crucial. Whereas reference monitors refer to loudspeakers generally used to gauge what a recording will sound like on consumer-grade speakers.

Among audio engineers, the term monitor usually implies that the speaker is designed to produce relatively flat (linear) phase and frequency responses. In other words, it exhibits minimal emphasis or de-emphasis of particular frequencies and the loudspeaker gives an accurate reproduction of the tonal qualities of the source audio ("uncolored" or "transparent" are synonyms), and there will be no relative phase shift of particular frequencies meaning no distortion in sound stage perspective for stereo recordings.

Beyond stereo sound stage requirements, a linear phase response helps impulse response remain true to source without encountering "smearing". An unqualified reference to a monitor often refers to a near-field (compact or close-field) design. This is a speaker small enough to sit on a stand or desk in proximity to the listener, so that most of the sound that the listener hears is coming directly from the speaker, rather than reflecting off of walls and ceilings (and thus picking up coloration and reverberation from the room).

Also, studio monitors are made in a more physically robust manner than home hi-fi loudspeakers; whereas home hi-fi loudspeakers often only have to reproduce compressed commercial recordings, studio monitors have to cope with the high volumes and sudden sound bursts that may happen in the studio when playing back unmastered mixes."  



 "It's so crazy, it just might work!" Pistachio Disguisey


I may try and see the difference and report back....

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