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My Jtv Hd 2.0 Experience/ Ordeal

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Posted 23 August 2013 - 06:57 PM

I don't think you're being fair saying the Variax USB adapter sucks. It's your experience. I understand how p¡ssed of you may be, though.
Actually, for me it was the other way round with 1.9, the PODs didn't perform the update correctly, while the USB adapter did.


Yeah, you are right - IN MY EXPERIENCE and IN MY OPINION the USB widget sucks.


Well, maybe it's not the widget... maybe the firmware sucks... or the update process sucks... or Monkey sucks... but something in there that makes us have to repeat the firware install endlessly, only to brick some peoples' guitars. SOMETHING REALLY REALLY SUCKS and my best guess based on my experience and the experience of others I am reading here it made sense to blame the widget. I am sorry widget, it's not you that sucks, it's us. Well those of us who had to do multiple reinstalls and lost our data due to the midi port timing out or whatever. If only we were doing something differently everybody's guitar would have updated perfectly, right?


I am not at all pissed off, sorry if I came across that way. As I said, I think the 2.0 update is an improvement. I am glad I had the HD500 to use for my many MANY reinstalls, if not I think I may have had to send the guitar back to Line 6 for repair like others here will be doing. To be 100% fair, my HD500 timed out the first time I updated my JTV the day I received it, I did the update a second time that day and it worked fine and it worked perfectly the other dozen times i did the incremental rollbacks and updates trying to get my JTV to work properly ( the problem was never a bad install, just some flaws in the firmware in general and some that had gone unnoticed previously in the guitar itself) and I am judging the USB widget based on it failing the only 2 or 3 times I tried using it... who knows, maybe I could go try it again and it would magically start working properly - it works fine for Workbench, maybe it was just a fluke that it failed every time I tried to use it.


So, not pissed, not really frustrated, just of the opinion that if the system is failing for so many there is probably something wrong with the system that needs fixing. i wwas never pissed when doing my updates or troubleshooting tho I did get a slight panicky feeling every time a firmware install failed.


I am glad you were able to use the USB widget to good effect and save your guitar from a bricking. I am only mildly annoyed that I had to find the widget in my garage, charge my battery, install my battery, and hook up a bunch of new cables (okay, 2 new cables) just to access Workbench on my guitar, but still not angry and never was during the entire process or while writing about it. I do not need to be angry to be of the opinion something sucks, sorry if this was not clear.


Let me revise my statement... IN MY OPINION the USB widget is clunky in many ways and IMO vastly inferior to using a POD for updates and IMO should be avoided if at all possible.




1.You have to charge a battery to use it. In all the years I have been playing Variaxes, last night was the first time I have ever needed to wait for a battery to charge or install nay batteries at all. Clunky and inferior. IMO.


2. Two cables are needed to make the widget work, as opposed to one when using the pod. Clunky and inferior. IMO.


3 The cable for the widget is made of stiff plastic that wants to stay in the folded shape it was shipped in, thus making it difficult to move the guitar around while it is updating. Clunky and inferior. IMO.


4. Based on my experience and the experiences I have read in these forums the widget has a much higher midi error code fail rate than a Pod. Unuseable. IMO.


IN MY OPINION users should avoid using the USB widget until the firmware update bugs are worked out (I doubt this is ever going to happen) and use a POD only when updating their JTVs.


I thought it was understood everything written in these forums was the only the opinion of the person doing the writing, will try to include more IMOs in the future.

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Posted 23 August 2013 - 07:13 PM

Eh, this thread was to talk about my personal ordeal, this is the first time I have ever realized this but even if 1000 people say they had no problems with their update it doesn't make my ordeal any less grueling or make my piezos stop KLACKing or make my 12 strings track or give me back the day I spent reflashing or unbrick Chuck's guitar or or or...

I wish we could have a separate thread for everyone saying they didn't have any problems, but really I am happy for you and your easy firmware update. The funniest part of my story (to me) is that the update went perfectly for me the first time I did it, I just didn't realize it at the time because my 12 strings instantly stopped tracking and I started hearing the KLACK noise I had never noticed before. With all the reports of people hating the sound of their guitar with 2.0 I assumed my firmware was corrupt and reinstalled it all those times without needing to. My Strats sounded awesome the first time I did the update, my Rickenbackers and Les Pauls sounded great too, everything sounded great except the 12 string tracking and the clacking.

I started this thread to help people avoid the mistakes I made (reinstalling the firmware so many times unnecessarily trying to get rid of problems that were part of the new firmware and the guitar itself and attempting to use the USB dongle when I had a perfectly good HD500 sitting right there were my 2 biggest mistakes IMO).

As for tuning down to D, my band has always tuned down to D and when started using a Variax I just kept doing that out of habit tho I suppose I could have tuned it any old way I wanted and corrected it with Variax pitch change.

The string tension is not really much less as I usually use heavier strings to compensate for intonation.

My update experience was an uneventful success. The night the upgrade was announced I upgraded the JTV89 with the HD500 and Monkey. The update ran smoothly, with no issues. Have not meddled with Workbench - will probably wait until the HD interface update. I've got so little time to play with rigs, I'd rather just jam.

Really digging the Lester sounds. I use them a lot - never had an LP due to the neck feel and weight, but used it a lot with the 1.9 and treadplate, and now the 2.0 models are really pleasing.

Overall, I'm really happy with my whole dream rig - I get a lot of playing pleasure from it and find it to be very comfortable and fun to play. A little heavy but maybe it will strengthen my back. The only thing I dislike is the reverse headstock, but that's just a preference thing.

The only other guitar I play regularly is my VoyageAir TelAir and that's cause of portability.

Johnnyayy - I never thought to tune down a full step but could see that being a really convenient aproach given the tuning flexibility of the JTV - a nice idea to get more bendability with heavier strings. Wonder if the L6 guys thought anyone would do that.

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#23 johnnyayyy


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Posted 24 August 2013 - 03:25 PM

OK, Not everyone who has a JTV has a Pod or anything other than the USB Interface box to use to download the updates to their guitar. I play straight through a pair of Ibenez TS808's and a Delta lab MD-1 Overdrive, Crybaby Wah and a 100 watt Valvestrat Marshall. I hardly ever switch in my DOD-FX9.Makes my 59 yodel like a Swiss coyote!!!
So my point is, if the USB Box isn't to be trusted to get firmware updates, where does that leave us???? I feel like some kind of lesser citizen. I'm Not some "UBER" user but I for one will have to think long and hard before I hook up to that again. One "BRICKED" guitar is all I need to have my own opinion......I play lead for a blues dance band and we sound good enough to be booked solid most of the time and I need to rely on this stuff to WORK without having to buy a total line 6 set-up.
With RESPECT to all you Brothers and Sisters out there!
Play On...Chuckewheat


Yeah, I had a stressful time updating my guitar but I really feel bad for you, not sure what I would have done if  my guitar had completely died.


According to the Line 6 Workbench HD FAQ the USB dongle is, well, here's the quote:


"The Variax Digital Interface that came with your Tyler Variax is the best interface to use with Workbench
HD. You’ll need a fully charged battery and a 1/4 inch guitar cable plugged in to power up your Variax.
Any other Line 6 device with a VDI input will also work."


Now that says it is best for using Workbench and I can't argue with that, at the moment it is the ONLY way I can access workbench.


But for updating the guitar's Firmware which I believe requires large amounts of high speed data transfer over a looooong period (as opposed to the short bursts required for most Workbench use) I find the POD to be way superior.


Which sucks because as you point out, not everyone has a POD with VDI or access to one.


I say it is best to find a friend with a POD or buy one and return it after your update instead of trying the update on the dongle, your dead guitar and others I have read about in the past and my failed attempts to use the dongle led me to this opinion.


I remember similar problems updating Vetta amps and only one connection (Midisport Uno) being approved by L6, and  at one point L6 posted an official message saying something to the effect of "attempting to update your Vetta firmware may brick your amp and we can't fix it, do any reflashing at your own risk"


After reading that I never did a firmware reflash on my Vetta again and have been nervous about it every time I reflash my Variaxes/JTV.


Somewhere in the PSarkissian posted firmware update .PDFfrom this week  it says "slip up here and you will have to send you JTV back to us for repair"...

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