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New Features?

pod hd500

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#1 Timguelo


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 06:02 AM

So there's a new Pod HD500. There are 2 useful features that should have been incorporated: a channel-switching jack, and spillover delay when changing patches.

The spillover topic has been discussed over & over, but Line 6 wants us to use the dual chains and pan/switch back & forth within the same patch. Sometimes you want to go from a lead to a totally different sound, like back to a clean patch instead of rhythm distortion. Being able to choose your next patch and know the delay will trail off after you switch back to rhythm is really really cool. I have had Rocktron and Digitech units that do this, and it is really musical, and easy to do (set "spillover on" and you are done).To be fair, the floor units from these companies do not have spillover, but Boss units can be "tricked" into spillover by matching delay settings on the destination patch and turning the delay off.
If this feature requires more circuitboard real estate, I would welcome a Longboard-sized Pod HD Super-Duper-Stage-Pro version, with more patches per bank, a second C/C pedal and the ability to have spillover.

I just watched a video describing the 4-cable method, to get your amp preamp tone in the loop of the Pod HD500. However, the Pod does not have an external control jack, to trigger channel changing on your amp. Perhaps with a Longboard-size Pro Pod, it could be added.

These two features would make any future versions of Pod much more useful and desirrable. Even if the price point had to squeak up a notch to accomodate it, guitarists would likely go for it to get those features.

Maybe the Pod HD500 MKIII??? Any thoughts?

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#2 silverhead


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 06:07 AM

Here's the best way to post your new features ideas so that Line 6 product developers will see them:



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#3 TheRealZap


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 06:10 AM

i'm not sure what you mean by channel switching jack... unless you just mean a 1/4" out that will plug into the FS input on your amp... then ok... that would be mildly useful.. (greatly useful to some perhaps) but the pod is primarily an amp modeler... so switching channels should not be highly necessary... (again perhaps useful to some though, i concede)


as for spillover... you're talking double the DSP processors....

and i for one am NOT willing to pay 1000$ for the same pod with this one added feature. (okay... 900$ i mean i guess we still need one chassis etc... still substantially more)

just spend a few bucks and put a delay of your choosing in the loop... get one with midi that will turn on and off with your patch changes etc... 

if it did have double DSP... i'd have dozens of uses for that well before i'd get worked up about spillover.

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#4 spaceatl


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 09:53 AM

Actually, it is very easy to trigger channel changes on a conventional amplifier, just that the switch relays don't come built in....If Line 6 had included them, then the price would have been more...So if it is such a big deal, why not get off the couch and get a midi relay box and switch your amp all you like...If you happen to have a modern amp like one of the Marshall JVMs then they have midi learning built in an analog jacks are not needed.

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