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Stereo Output On Xlr Outputs - Stereo Delay

pod live x3 stereo output xlr stereo delay

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#1 darkman


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Posted 04 September 2013 - 02:14 AM



i've a pod live X3. everything seems to work fine, except one thing.

i don't understand how to get a stereo output.


Here is what i want. I'm not using dual tone.

i pan tone 1 on the left and tone 2 on the right.


Suppose to have a chain of effects and amp.

I would like to use the "stereo delay". Since is "stereo" i'm expecting to get a stereo output.


On stereo output i put

100% mix

1000ms of delay (just to have a big delay)

0% right feedback

0% left feedback

0% offset


(notice that THIS effect is the last of the chain)


Here are the possible outcomes:

-> with this configuration is just get sound from left side with no delay

-> if i put 100% offset i get just the sound delayed. just on left side

-> if i put the pan in centre, i get sound from both side

-> if i get down the mix % i get no difference. always on left

-> if i set pre-config, it doesn't change anything



how may i have a stereo output?

if not, what the meaning of "stereo" in this effect?


nb: the two XLR outputs are connected to a different input processes, so i can check if i get some signal in input.


i search online and it seems that someone was able to do. if so, may someone explain me how to do it?

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#2 darkman


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Posted 04 September 2013 - 03:53 AM

If you are using only one tone. You need to have the output pans set to centre. You would only pan them if you want Tone 1 in one speaker and tone 2 at the same time in the other speaker



i can pan center, ok, but i don't get any stereo output. is always mono. 100% mono.

really, what's so the difference between the normal delay and the stereo delay if the output is always mono? i still don't get the point.

I mean, the knobs for the stereo delays explicitly says left/right.

it wouldn't have any sense if the result would be just mono. isn't it or am i missing something?


is not a matter of panning, is just a matter of having stereo output.

so, i'm expecting to have left channel different from right channel.

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#3 darkman


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Posted 04 September 2013 - 04:45 AM

nothing else to say.

not it works.

i still don't understand why (with the same) was not working before



thank you so much. now it works perfectly.

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