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L3t Volume

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#1 federalhog


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 06:55 AM

Anybody else have high volume issues with this speaker? I find that if the master volume is less than 1/2 I lose some tone. If I put it at like 10:00 or so, the tone quality seems to drop. I'm using this as an acoustic amp primarily. I usually have the preamp volume or the gain level set to 9:00. Anything less results in the same thing. Tone loss. I sort of wish I had bought another L2T instead. The thing is just too damn loud, LOL. 


I have 3 more L3M's which don't help as I use 2 for my mains, 1 as a spare, but they don't have the mixer. I use my L2T as a monitor and acoustic amp when I play out. 


Listen to this guy eh? Complaining about too much volume. 

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#2 Digital-sound



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Posted 06 September 2013 - 07:38 AM

I bought two of the L3t's but use them as mains. So I run them at 12:00 and NI volume or time problems with a while band, so I can't relate. I have an L2m on the way I plan to use as a monitor. I plan on ordering another as well, but I held back to test the one first. I l,an on using the L3t for solo/duo accoustic, but maybe I will get an L2t. Knew there was a reason I held off!

And yeah, is guitar your first instrument? Complaining about toommuch volume? Because in my experience, the loud guitar player is right up there with the loud drummer. I remember one night playing and we were too loud. I mentioned it to the guys and everyone turned down a bit. I saw the guitar player go back to his amp during the next song and I could hear the increase....I commented on it after and he says "no, I turned it down!". Yeah, because that is what all guitar players do during the night....DECREASE their volume right??? Ha!

I haven't played withe the speaker enough to know what you are talking about, but, I do know that there are tonal changes at different volumes. Which is exactly why the M20D has the "dynamic EQ". But as great as they did on the Stagesource system, I think a dynamic EQ would be pushing it. Maybe, they could just build a mini M20D into these speakers with all the features on two channels and we could run it with an ipad only!
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#3 silverhead


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 07:51 AM

I also use two L3t speakers as mains. I keep them at 12:00 and adjust output levels upstream. Don't have any issues with volume.


However, the human ear does detect tonal differences in the same sound at different volumes. That may simply be what you are experiencing. It's called the Fletcher-Munson effect, and it's why guitarists often use two sets of patches - one for practice/low volume and one for gigging. Old guys like me remember when a standard home stereo amplifier had a built-in 'Loudness' function, which boosted the low end at low volumes to adjust for loss of tonality.

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