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Input type fallback on guitar, variax, variax mags

input path variax jtv vdi

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 06:21 AM

Hi. Can someone please verify the behavior of the chosen input-type of a patch.
I have a traditional e-guitar, a Variax 600 and a JTV-59 and I have recognised a strange behavior, I would like to understand.
For every type of listed guitar I have a setlist with similar patches and every setlist contains patches where the input-type (guitar, variax, variax mags) is chosen on the level of the preset (not global). I thought this would be necessary to get the different guitar-types to work.
Today I recognised that I was playing in a wrong setlist on my POD HD500 (backup-device, no X) using a VDI-cable. 
This was my main setlist where I have selected "Variax Mags" as the on and only input (2. is the unused "Aux"). 
So I wondered why there ever was a tone and I could switch models too?
So I like to ask if there is a fallback logic which I can count on, so I can reduce the needed setlists to a minimum.
I recognised that "Variax Mags" allows a fallback to "Variax".
But what about playing with Input "Variax Mags" and storing a chosen model and/or tune when playing my JTV?
Does the stored state overwrite the chosen input-type on a preset-base?
And is there the possibility to fallback to "guitar" if I play a "Variax" or "Variax Mags" preset too?
Unfortunately I am not able to test this by myself because I have left my POD HD500x and my two other guitars at rehearsal and just have my POD HD500 and my V600 in reach for the next week. I always play VDI-cables on both Variax.

Thank you in advance, Sascha

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